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The Communist Youth League Guigang Municipal Committee launched the "Helping Rural Revitalization" Entrepreneur Salon

The Communist Youth League Guigang Municipal Committee launched the "Helping Rural Revitalization" Entrepreneur Salon

The event site.Li Wei, November 3, the Communist Youth League Guigang Municipal Party Committee jointly cooperated the Qiangtang District Committee, Guigang Youth Promotion Center launched the "Help Village Revitalization" in Mongolong Town, Mongolong Town, Qiangtang District, Minority DivisionThere are more than 60 young entrepreneurs to participate.This event shared entrepreneurial experience, and opened up entrepreneurial ideas for young entrepreneurs, and smashed the entrepreneurial channel and ignited the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship.

Youth entrepreneurial innovation salons as Chuangchuang brand created by the Communist Youth League City Committee, built a communication platform for many young entrepreneurs.

Next, the Communist Youth League’s Guigang Municipal Committee will further integrate resources, strengthen policy docking, to serve youth entrepreneurial employment, help rural resolution, and cultivate more young people, telling you to the young people’s entrepreneurial innovation story.

(Wei Xiangyu) (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.

The husband and wife agree that the "divorced male compensation is 750,000 yuan" such "marriage" agreement is effective

The husband and wife agree that the "divorced male compensation is 750,000 yuan" such "marriage" agreement is effective

Amei and Armed Forwarded in 1993, Amei and Army were married during marital relationships. The feelings of both sides were gradually deteriorated because of family trivial friction. The husband’s Army filed a divorce lawsuit to the court. In the end, the court decided not to divorce.

After some consultations, the Army and Amei decided not to mention divorce. The two signed a "marriage" agreement involving divorce restrictions. The agreement of the Ami does not have a third party or not allowed to go home to the Army. The Army puts forward divorce, then the A army pays compensation to Ammy 750,000 yuan, and pays interest by per month from the date of signing from the agreement.

In less than half a year after the agreement, the Army came to the court to sue divorce. At the time of the court, I immediately agreed to divorce, and the two got a consistent mediation opinion in court in court.

After the two sides mediate divorce, Amei immediately sued to the court and asked the A army to perform the agreement according to the agreement.

After the army argued that the two sides signed an agreement, it was a major fault in the existence of the third party and the non-provision of the Army, so Amei was the wrong party that leads to divorce. The A army also argued that the agreement belongs to the divorce setting obstacles, and its purpose is to make the A army dare not divorce, can’t divorce or make the A army must pay the heavy cost to divorce, should be invalid. The agreement violates the provisions of the Civil Code on Marriage Freedom. The first instance court is considered that the agreement on paying 750,000 yuan of compensation and interest is clearly subjected to a huge compensation to limit the divorce freedom of the A army, violating legal provisions and public sequence, is invalid. Agree. Therefore, the judgment dismissed the request of Amy.

After the judgment came out, Ammy did not accept, filed an appeal, and the second instance court finally made a judgment of "rejecting the above, maintaining the original judgment".

After the implementation of the Judge, before the implementation of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Civil Code), my country’s Marriage Law stipulates the principle of marriage freedom; the first thousand and forty-two provisions of the Civil Code, "Prohibition of the package, buy and sell marriage and other interference The behavior of marriage ", the first thousand and forty-three provisions", the husband and wife should be faithful, respect each other, and they will love each other; family members should respect each other, help each other, maintain equal, harmonious, civilized marriage and family relationships "; husband and wife It should be faithful between, but should not restrict marriage, the freedom of marriage includes both marriage freedom, including divorce freedom, and the so-called "marriage" agreement is similar to "who is divorced in the deposible process of marital relationships, who is It is necessary to pay the branch of the branch to pay for the main content of the divorce, and it will be invalid because it involves limiting the freedom of divorce others, violating legal provisions and public sequel. In this case, the agreement of Ammy and the Army belongs to the situation of restricting the freedom of divorce with compensation, which violates the provisions of the Civil Code on marriage, lack legitimacy and rationality, so it should confirm that Amei and Army The agreement is invalid. (Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Charter Correspondent Huang Yuting).

Zhihui Dajiang Bay stimulates the first resource of high quality development

Zhihui Dajiang Bay stimulates the first resource of high quality development

  Innovative entrepreneurship, the main body is in the person; the business is working, the key is still in people.

  From the formation of the first talent development group in the province, we launched the "Ziyun Ying Talent Program"; from a pen of a letter of silver housing, internship, employment subsidies, and then build an entrepreneurial hatching, emerging industrial cultivation platform, Wuhu The biggest sincerity invited talent.

  In the background of the era of heavy talents, there are many universities and high-tech enterprises, and the sense of the sense of urgency, the sense of the sense of crisis, and the sense of responsibility, grab the opportunity, and take advantage of the situation. Vigorously promote the strategy of talents, gather together to build a talent highland. Adhere to the party building leadership, constructing talents introducing the new pattern to standardize the direction of talent work and talent team, the key is to adhere to the principle of party management talent, play the important role of party and party talents. "Our biggest experience is to adhere to the party management talents, form the cooperation of talent work. Since this year, the district has conscientiously implemented the deployment of talent work in the central and provincial municipalities, highlighting the talent strong zone orientation, and study and implement the general secretary of Xi Jinping on the new era. New ideas for work, new strategic new initiatives, continuous innovation system, improve platform level, optimize policy environment, accelerate talents, and vigorously promote talents strong zone strategy, and strive to create innovative entrepreneurial incubation areas, providing high quality development in the whole district Powerful talent support.

"The River District Talent Office is responsible for comrades.

  The district pays attention to strengthening the coordination coordination, adhere to the unified leadership of the District Committee, organizational departments lead to the total, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of key functional departments such as people, science and technology, reform, and finance, and promote the work of talents, great integration, and great development.

Prominent political lead and do all kinds of personnel training at all levels of education, strengthen political attract talent, improve human identity. Talent development plan to coordinate the city "Fourteen" period, relying on "Chinese milk vetch Talents Scheme", Yijiang formulated the "a number of measures to create innovative business incubator zone," "in-depth implementation of the" talent program and improve relevant Chinese milk vetch rules.

30 measures to further clarify the goals and tasks, to increase policy support to expand the lead only to subsidies, project grants, foster coverage of the awards, service assurance policy. Adhere to industry-driven, talented personnel, the main front in order to create the industry to attract talent to the project to attract talents. Yijiang play to our strengths, an industry group, gathered a group of highly creative talents, build a strong group of local talent, cultivate a group of young talents. Wuhu inspiration Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province Administration operates the first major new industry projects – Wuhu third-generation semiconductor engineering center. The company invested million yuan to build from silicon carbide epitaxial – chip – modules vertically integrated packaging and testing production lines, has the world’s advanced silicon carbide epitaxial equipment, with materials, a full set of testing capabilities of the chip. "Our team is mainly engaged in third-generation semiconductor materials and devices scientific research, gathered a group of senior personnel at home and abroad." Enlightened semiconductor R & D director button should be happy, said to reporters, 115 industrial innovation as a provincial team, team-oriented is the "strangle hold" science and technology research and development project, not only for very high-end talent, "hungry" for policy support environment is also high demands. "After settled, from the city to the area of the development of enterprises are very concerned about, regardless of industry funds to support or housing subsidies, talent subsidies, talent apartments and other preferential policies, are we convey a lot of ‘timely’ and departments to actively take the initiative to help us solve problems, encourage and support us to declare the provincial, national major research projects, key laboratory.

And after we have a higher level of platform, but also help us to further attract high-level personnel, forming a virtuous circle. "Research and open up the market, Yijiang deepen research cooperation, to promote the incubation carrier construction.

Promote enterprise and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University and other research and development platform to build a large compound of the cooperation, continue to promote the area nine Academy of Sciences, post-doctoral workstations, six national research platforms, 91 provincial-level platform for innovation play a leading role.

Wuhu speed up Western Electric Institute, the third generation of semiconductor engineering center, a new generation of new energy automobile Institute of Technology and other common municipal key innovation platform. Form a "maker space entrepreneurs nursery + + + incubator industry base" cascade incubation system.

The existing carrier 21 incubation, incubation area of 290,000 square meters, a total of 564 business incubators. Take advantage of the area within the jurisdiction of state-level high-tech zones around the four leading industries, the lock key technologies, key personnel, focus efforts on gathering resources for innovation, attract innovative talents.

The implementation of a long chain system, leading enterprises bigger and stronger, to promote industrial chain and innovation chain, the capital chain, the depth of talent chain integration, through the industrial chain and projects to attract high-level personnel innovation and entrepreneurship. Yijiang training funds invested more than 100 million each year, staging classification training organized by young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs salon, rotating Industry Association meeting, "a second generation" fraternity, school-enterprise alliance forum, young talent grow salon, park assist youth development activities to promote school-enterprise government to jointly explore for, and development together.

By building multi-platform, strengthen the leading industry leading entrepreneurs and foster growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

  Service Center Stage adhere to inspire people to protect the source for talent is a systematic project, not only need to make contributions to the passion, also need to think people think of warmth. Yijiang to "help service personnel, security personnel, the growth of talent" as the main line, deepen the reform of personnel services supply side, only to love knowledge and create a strong atmosphere was heavy. In March this year voted to build the industrial park operated by Human Resources High-tech Zone, it has been assigned to 34 enterprises, 24 of which human resources company. Although there are some large number of "young" company, but business development has been marked by potholes. "We are headquartered in Shanghai, Wuhu, mainly in the construction of a regional interactive center, which is also an online recruitment center, had just settled in six months, mainly for Shanghai, Nanjing market, a month can now recruits two to three hundred people.

"Pei Yu, deputy general manager of human resources within the park house Ning Jieshao said. Yongliang, head of the industrial park, said the industrial park mainly in the incubation service human resources, technology services, outsourcing call, the modern supply chain, vocational training and other modern services mainly for enterprises to provide industrial and commercial taxation, intellectual property, human resources, technology consulting, industry, docking and other services to help enterprises in the park to improve operational growth mode. "has now entered into various types of employees more than 3,600 people Yijiang, is expected to end up to 5,000 people. "Good talent environment, existing policy, the platform" subtraction addition ", and ultimately work program". "Yijiang talent service center was established to implement the staffing seven full-time staff responsible for classification, providing high-level personnel customized, nanny services.

Creation of one-stop service window, the implementation of personnel services "one-stop complete" cash for personnel policy, personnel needs to implement a service Netcom run, a gone through, and effectively improve work efficiency and service levels. Open personnel policy online services platform to promote the talent business "fingertips to do" to achieve personnel policy advice, payment of the subsidy application, project reporting and other business people work like "online shopping" as easy to create a "people only to Yijiang worry-free" good atmosphere. By the end of October, the region cited education personnel 18 provincial, municipal personnel 89 people, building a national platform, the platform 6 provincial and municipal platform 8, total fund implementation of relevant policies billion. Work with it a success, the industry was widely. With talent as the development of high-quality power savings, Yijiang are converging together, open up a new golden era for the fertile talent to make contributions. (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) share to allow more people to see.

Voortdurend het hele proces van de democratie van mensen ontwikkelen

Voortdurend het hele proces van de democratie van mensen ontwikkelen

  De democratie van mensen is het leven van het socialisme.

Bij de Central People’s Congress-werkconferentie stond algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping op het hoogtepunt van het socialistische politieke ontwikkelingspad van Chinese kenmerken en legde het grootste concept van het hele proces van de democratie van mensen, bekleedde de voortdurende ontwikkeling van de democratie van het volk en bleef bevordering van de democratische constructie van het volk van het hele proces. Maak een grote implementatie en maak duidelijke vereisten. De democratie van het volk is de banner die de communistische partij van China altijd wordt gehouden.

Sinds het 18e nationale congres van de Communistische Partij van China heeft het Centraal Comité van kameraad Xi Jinping het begrip van de wet van de democratische politieke ontwikkeling verdiept en stelt het grootste concept voor het hele proces van de democratie van mensen.

In november 2019 inspecteerde algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping het Wetgevingspunt van de Grassroots-wetgeving van Hongqiao-straat, Changning District, China, heeft duidelijk het concept voorgesteld van het hele proces van de democratie van mensen.

Op het 100-jarig jubileum van het feest van dit jaar benadrukte generale secretaris Xi Jinping opnieuw de ontwikkeling van het hele proces van de democratie van mensen. Het voorstel van het democratische concept van de mensen, het verrijken en ontwikkelen en ontwikkelen van de socialistische democratische politieke theorie, die de theoretische en praktische resultaten van de partij samenvatten die de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling van de socialistische democratie leidt, vooral het 18e nationale congres van de partij, verduidelijkte mijn land het Onderscheidende voordelen van de democratie van het volk, het leveren van begeleiding en het volgen van de socialistische politieke beschaving voor de ontwikkeling van de socialistische democratische politiek in het nieuwe tijdperk.

  De Chinese communistische partij leidt de mensen om de democratie van mensen uit te voeren, die ondersteuning is en garandeert dat de mensen de meesters zijn. Ondersteuning en ervoor zorgen dat de mensen geen slogan zijn, geen leeg gesprek, moet het nationale politieke leven en het sociale leven implementeren.

Het hele proces van mijn land Mensen Democratie heeft niet alleen een compleet systeem, maar heeft ook een complete praktijken.

Mijn land implementeert de klasse-leiders van het volk, de nationale regering op basis van de democratische dictatuur van de mensen, de implementatie van het congresstelsel van de mensen, de implementatie van de multi-party-samenwerking en politiek consultatiesysteem die de communistische partij van China, het nationale regionale autonome systeem leidt , het basissysteem van de grassroots, enz. Basic Political System, consolideert en ontwikkelt en ontwikkelt het meest patriottische Verenigde voorkant, vormt een uitgebreide, uitgebreide, biologische cohantante mensen in het hoofdsysteem, bouwen een verscheidenheid, glad, ordelijk democratisch kanaal. Alle mensen implementeren democratische verkiezingen, democratisch overleg, democratische beslissingen, democratisch beheer, democratisch toezicht, en het beheer van nationale aangelegenheden, beheer van economische en culturele ondernemingen, en beheert sociale zaken, beheerde economische en culturele ondernemingen. Als algemene secretaresse Xi Jintping, algemene secretaris van XI Jinping wees erop: "Het hele proces van het hele proces van My Country Mensen Democratie behaalt democratie en democratie, procedures democratie en inhoudelijke democratie, directe democratie en indirecte democratie, de democratie van het volk, de wil, is een volledige ketting, All-round, alle gedekte democratie is de ruimste, meest echte, meest voorkomende socialistische democratie. "De mensen zijn de belangrijkste en kern van de socialistische democratische politiek, het ontwikkelen van de socialistische democratische politiek is om de wil van mensen te weerspiegelen, de rechten en interesses en interesses van mensen te beschermen, en Mensen stimuleren. Creatieve vitaliteit, gebruik het systeemsysteem om ervoor te zorgen dat de mensen een meester maken. Algemene secretaresse Xi Jinping benadrukte: "We moeten doorgaan met de democratische constructie van het volk van het gehele proces, met name realistisch weerspiegelt het beleid van de partij en de nationale instellingen, in het bijzonder, realistisch weerspiegelt alle aspecten van partij en staatsorganen, realistisch weerspiegelt het beleid en beleid van partij en nationale instellingen. Alle niveaus werken, in het bijzonder, realistische reflectie om het werk van het goede leven van de mensen te realiseren.

"Ontwikkel voortdurend het hele proces van de democratie van mensen, we moeten aandringen op en het zelfgemaakte systeemsysteem van de mensen te verbeteren, en het systeemvoordeel beter in te zetten in governance-effici?ntie. We moeten zich aan de gecentreerde mensen houden, houden aan het land van het land Voor de mensen, ondersteuning en garanderen de mensen door de vertegenwoordiger van het volk de algemene vergadering uitoefent het vermogen van het land, verbetert het democratische systeem, het verrijken van de democratische vorm, het verbreden van het democratische kanaal, waardoor gelijke deelname, meer volledig, vollediger is, En meer geluid, meer en meer geluid. De massa lijn, dicht bij de mensen van het volk, luister naar de stem van het volk, reageer op de verwachtingen van het volk en het constant oplossen van de meest directe en meest realistische interesses van de mensen, condenseren de wijsheid en kracht van de mensen.

  Het congressysteem van de mensen is een belangrijke systeemdrager voor het realiseren van de democratie van het volk in mijn land. Onder het leiderschap van de partij blijven de ordelijke politieke participatie van het volk uitbreiden, versterken van de rechtenregel van de rechten, en zorg ervoor dat de mensen uitgebreide rechten en vrijheden volgens de wet hebben; zorg ervoor dat de mensen het recht op verkiezing volgens Wet en de democratische verkiezing produceert de vertegenwoordigers van mensen om het recht van mensen te waarborgen, deelnemen, expressie, toezichtrechten, het hele proces van alle aspecten van het People’s Congress implementeren, zodat het feest en de staat het geluid van de mensen kan horen Bij besluitvorming, implementatie, toezicht en implementatie van alle aspecten van de partij; de democratische publieke opinie van het People’s Congress verbeteren om het platform en de drager uit te drukken, de publieke opinie te verbeteren, het werkmechanisme van de Minzhi op te halen, het onderhandeling van het congres van de mensen, de wetgeving en verenigen de fundamentele belangen van alle aspecten van de mensen.

  Het hele proces van de democratie van mensen heeft een karakter met de tijd, is een socialistische democratie die vol vitaliteit is.

Het hele proces van de democratie van mensen groeit in de grote praktijk van de socialistische democratische politiek in mijn land, maar zal ook blijven ontwikkelen in de nieuwe reis van het gebouw Socialistische modernisering van de bouw.

Op weg naar voren, onder het sterke leiding van de Partij Centronics, de Partij Centron’s Partij, ontwikkelen de kameraden van XI Jinping, continu de democratie van het volk, de kenmerken en voordelen van de socialistische democratische politiek van mijn land, moeten we constant een levendig consolideren en levendig worden , Stabiliteit United Political Situation, die bijdragen levert aan de Chinese wijsheid voor menselijke politieke beschaving.

Since the various buses from Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

Since the various buses from Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province

  Original title: Provincial City, the provinces of the provinces, to the martyrs, to participate in the morning of September 30, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, the provincial leaders, etc. The Taimagashi Martyrs Cemetery, with representatives from all walks of life in the provincial society, to the martyrs. (Reporter Li Dianjun)) Flowers Dedicated to the British, and I’m grateful.

September 30th is the National Flors Mold Memorial Day.

On the morning, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial governor, the province of the province, the province of the province of the Taishi City, and the representatives of all walks of life in the provincial capital, to show the basket to the martyrs. . The autumn day of the cashish cottage martyrs cemetery, the sky, the clouds, the cypress is green; the towering martyrs monument stands, and the atmosphere is solemn. At 9 o’clock, the provincial cities started to show the flower baskets of the martyrs. The military music group played the majestic "Volunteers", and all staff came into the Chinese anthem of the People’s Republic of China. After the national anthem sang, the audience sings, and the martyrs who are bravely dedicated to the construction of the Chinese people’s liberation cause and the construction of the Republic. Children holding flowers sing "We are communist successors" for the Martyrs Monument, and Qi Zhigang Team.

  In the deep "Flowers", 18 salts held a 9 flower basket slowly moved to the Martyrs Monument, putting the flower basket before the monument base. The 9 flower baskets are rolled out, and the red ribbon written on the red ribbon. The basket is divided by the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress, Shanxi Provincial People’s Government, and China People’s Political Consultative Conference, Shanxi Provincial Committee, Shanxi Provincial Military Region and Provincial Armed Police Corps (stationary forces), Shanxi Province Democratic Parties, Industry and Commerce and Non-faith people, people in Shanxi Province, people from all walks of life in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Youth Pioneer Team.

  Lin Wu slowly put it carefully, carefully sorted a red ribbon on the basket. "Dedication Flowers" once again sounded, Lin Wu, Blue Fandan, Wang Yunjun, Luo Qingyu, Xu Guangguo, Shang Li Guang, Chen Anli, Han Qiang, Li Fengqi, Guo Yingguang, Wei Xiachun, Yue Pu, Li Junming, Wang Chun, Wang Yixin, Zhang Dingming, He Tiancai, Sun Hongshan, Lu Dongliang, Wei Wei, Yu Yingjie, Li Zhengprint, Li Xiaobo, Zhang Rui Peng, Xi Xiaojun, Li Wei, Li Qingshan, Xie Hong, Li Sijin, Wang Liwei, Feng Jun, Ren Minglong, Li Qingtao and the provincial capital of all walks of life to continue to the monument Before, pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, and wandered on the monument, and deeply mourned the revolutionary martyrs who were sacrificing for the establishment of new China. The dedicated flower basket is hosted by Luo Qingyu.

Zhang Ji Fu participated in the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed the heroic sacrifice in the Anti-Japanese War. The relevant departments of the province, the people of the Provincial Department of Democratic Parties, Industry and Commerce and the non-party personnel representatives, the main leaders of Taiyuan City and the controversy, the old warrior, the active soldiers, the public security police, the workers, and the student representatives have participated in the dedicated flower basket ceremony. (Reporter Chen Junqi).

Was het ondernemende

Was het ondernemende

"People’s Daily" (30 januari, 2022) Gegarandeerd het warme en comfortabele lentefestival om het voordeel te helpen bij de onderste lijn van de hand, veel bekendheid, Changlun Village, de eerste secretaresse Huang-rivier, "咚咚" Klop de deur riep, "oud is niet thuis? Ik ben een gele rivier.

"Op de ochtend van 21 januari werd de zevende familie van de Gele Rivier bezocht door de Gele River.

Changlian Village, Hefeng Township, Fengjie County, Chongqing, er zijn 21 moeilijkheden in het gezin en bezoeken de Gele Rivier. Na een buzz, opende de 60-jarige de deur naar Qioneng, "Ga gewoon zitten, ik speelstof, en ik zal komen."

"In mei vorig jaar, tot de goede ziekte van zijn vrouw, haastte hij zich terug en zorgde voor de buitenlandse werknemers.

"Ik heb veel geld besteed, hij zorgde voor zijn vrouw deed geen inkomsten, en een kind was aan het lezen, de gezinssituatie was een beetje uitgerekt.

"De Gele River zei: Na het begrip besloot het dorp een hulpverantwoorde persoon te zijn. Sindsdien zal hij komen, een lage verzekering, ziekte medische subsidies, collegegeldsubsidies, tijdelijke reddingsgoud … een beleid zo snel mogelijk instellen. Ga gewoon zitten, de gele rivier geopend: "Oud, kijk naar het nieuwe jaar, ik zie je in het dorp, heb je een moeilijkheid? "De stem is niet gevallen, en het geluid wordt naar het geluid gezworen." Nee, ik heb al te veel beleid genoten. Niet moeilijk.

"Ik noemde openbare welvaartsposities en goedkeuring, en ze weigerden opnieuw, hij zei dat het Spring Festival uit kan gaan, naar buiten gaan om geld te verdienen," Huang Secretary, je kunt er na dit thuis op dit huis rusten . "Ik weet dat je sterker bent, ik maak me geen zorgen, maar ik hoef mezelf niet te behandelen." "De Gele River heeft 500 yuan-condoleances uitgehaald, en de oude, ontving het herhaaldelijk." Ons dorp is een diep arme dorp geweest. Na armoede zijn er enkele gezinnen met een laag inkomen, en er zijn ook gezinnen zoals oud te barsten .

We zullen blijven helpen, de verantwoordelijke mensen bepalen en het hulpbeleid implementeren. Tijdens het jaar geleden is het ook wat ze missen, welke behoeften, zorg ervoor dat alle massa’s een goed jaar kunnen leiden.

"De Yellow River zei. Stuur beleid, stuur service, stuur bericht … De eerste secretaresse en teamteamleden in Fengjie County zijn de huizen van Moeilijke mensen binnengegaan, Condoleances verzenden en helpen om praktische problemen op te lossen.

  "Ga de armen af, haastig zich.

Dorp is ingebouwd in een groente- en andere verwerkingsfabrieken, die meer dan 50 berichten biedt. In de volgende is het nodig om het plantengebied van fruitbomen uit te breiden en het collectieve inkomen te vergroten.

"Praten over de intentie van het jaar van de tijger, zei de gele rivier:" "Een jaar is beter dan een jaar. "Een schoon en mooi milieuhuis cre?ren, de manier om te regeren, verfrissend, welkom in het nieuwe jaar, een bezoek aan de massa’s, medeleven met het nieuwe jaar, bespreken de prachtige landelijke bouw van het jaar, deelname aan de ontwikkeling van dorpsplanning .. . Vóór het lentefestival is Li Hui erg druk.

De nacht is vier-in-one, en de familievideo, Li Hui herinnert zich dat deze dag al een klein jaar is. Dit jaar is het derde jaar van de eerste secretaris van de Liaanse stad, de provincie Yuxi, Gansu, het derde jaar van de kapitein van de kapitein van de kapitein van het ingezetene team.

Op dit moment is het rivierstrand langs het dorp, de weg langs de weg aan de gang, en na het openen van de lente, zal het zich richten op het planten van goudsbloem en sierbloemen. "Zei te zien, maar verkoopt ook geld om te verhogen

"Tegenwoordig hebben Li Hui en de dorpelingen het meest besproken," het is mooier om het dorp aan te kleden? "Lower Village neemt de armere aan het einde van 2019, de bouw van mooie en leefbare dorpjes is ver weg. Na het jaar, na herfstoogst, namen de dorpsbewoners de weg van het dorp als een verpletterende tarweveld en de passieve voertuigen Waren verdwenen; "Afval waait, rioolwaterstooming", vooral elke rode witte, papieren bekers, sigarettenputtjes, plastic zakken, gooi het overal.

  Daartoe heeft het dorp de gezondheidszorg ingesteld, met de hoofdrichting van afval, rioolwaterzuivering en dorpsorpjes in dorpen, en bevordert het bestuur van de menselijke leefomgeving. Het dorp helpt het team en het dorp twee comités hebben fondsen verhoogd om 6 elektrische afvalhandelingen voor de overdracht van weg afval en schoonmaak en reiniging aan te schaffen en 1 hogedrukspoelvoertuig wordt gebruikt voor het reinigen van de weg.

In de afgelopen jaren heeft het dorp geslaagd voor de constructie van het nieuwe ERA Civilization Practice Station, en de ethiek is esthetisch. Laat de gedragsvariabele punten, gebruik de integratie van items en leid de dorpelingen om goede gewoonten te cultiveren. "Nu zijn de gezondheidsgewoonten van iedereen veel beter, bijna geen weg naar vuilnisbelt en gooien vuilnis.

Li Hui zei. Vroegere dagen trouwden het dorpsmensen met een vrouw, na de feestelijke vuurwerk, de dorpsbewoners Wang Kezhong schoongemaakt het vuurwerkpapier in de rijbaan. "De hygi?ne van deze rijbaan is door mij verantwoordelijk, er is een gelukkig evenement in het dorp , en afval is tijdig schoonmaken. "Het dorp is mooi en het is belangrijk om toilet en vervuiling te veranderen.

Het kan naar dit bedrijf worden gezegd en de mensen zijn een beetje aarzelend.

"Ten eerste ben ik bang om geld uit te geven, en de tweede is dat de boer het moet gebruiken.

Li Hui kwam in een half jaar naar het huis om te overtuigen dat het water al het huishouden is binnengekomen, en het spoelsoilet zal niet worden ingesteld, en het dorp zal ook de behandeling van riolering organiseren, ieders zorgen oplossen.

"Het huis is buiten het huis, schoon en schoon, leef meer!" Li Hui nam de foto van het buiten dorp dat de weg nam om te studeren. "Iedereen verhuisde, en de opening is klaar om te plannen en tot de bijzondere waardevermindering.

"Li Hui zei, de tijger van de draak, het tijgerjaar, de service, de goede service, alleen om de DPRK te dwingen, Zhenxing rijden van County Hunan Xinhua, beklimt de helling in de berg, meer dan een uur, ga naar de avond.

Wanneer je de boot oversteekt, kom je aan in Longwan Village, Ronghua Township. Op 25 januari, toen ik het dorp ontmoette, ontmoette ik Ouyang Zon, en hij en het dorp Cadres waren druk voor een watertoren.

Regende zware regen, ze meten de lijnafstand van de watertoren naar de voet van de voet, bespreken het veilige en betrouwbare bedradingsregeling.

  "De continue regen heeft de periode vertraagd. Op het moment dat alleen de lucht zonnig is, kan de kabel en de pompmachine worden voltooid." Zei Ouyang Zon. Ouyang Zhanyou is de eerste secretaris van de kapitein van de plattelandsbewoners van de Hunan Provincial Department of Finance to Longwan Village en Longwan Village. Na het dorp in mei vorig jaar liep hij naar huis om het huis binnen te gaan en noteerde de "haast" van de mensen. Onder hen is de sterkste het sterkste probleem.

  Voor het 2019 is Longwan Village een arm dorp.

Dwing van armoede, het dorp heeft een watertoren van 100 kubieke meter capaciteit gebouwd en het kraanwater van de township waterplant. Longwan Village ligt echter in de kruising van Xinhua County en Anhua County. Het is ook het "einde" van de leidingwaterleiding. Wanneer de oudejaarsavond, de piek van water, het water in de pijplijn is niet genoeg, de mensen moet naar het water gaan om water te plukken.

  Na het praten met het dorp twee comités, de massa’s van de massa’s, na het luisteren naar de meningen van de mensen, streven het team naar projecten en fondsen, het spelen van water, en watertorens, en "doof dorst" voor het dorp Dragon Bay.

In augustus 2021 was een reeks werk dat in de watertoren werd gebouwd in volle gang. Ouyang Zhao Friendship is gescheiden van drie verschillende vijfstaande op de bouwplaats, dringt er bij de vooruitgang van het project op aan bij de vooruitgang en tijdig lastig om het probleem op te lossen.

  "Laten we kracht toevoegen, probeer hard, streef ernaar om te eindigen vóór het lentefestival, laat de mensen een comfortabel jaar hebben." Ouyang prees het dorp Cadre.

  Verlaat de chaos, is al 12.00 uur. Ouyang Zhao-vrienden gebruikten de tijd voor de lunch en renden naar de eetbare schimmel in het dorp. Hier bouwen 40 kassen, ontwikkel de paddenstoelenindustrie van ji-paddenstoelen en schapenbacteri?n, die meer dan 100 banen op lange termijn in het dorp kunnen bieden. Ik ben net van de bus gekomen, Gong Dingke, hoofd van de eetbare bacteri?le basis, kwam over, "Secretary, er zijn te veel regen in deze tijd, en we zijn van plan om een ??kweekplant te bouwen die is gebouwd vóór het lentefestival. Het lijkt erop dat het is niet mogelijk om te voltooien.

Het cultiveren van de zaailingen hebben seizoensgebonden, enz., Wat kan ik doen? "Gong Dingke is een naburig dorpje. In Jiangsu heeft Jiangsu al vele jaren gecultiveerd. Vorig jaar heeft Longwan Village een publieke brief uitgegeven, en het aantal dorpsbewoners keerde terug naar het platteland deelgenomen aan het dorp.

Jane Gong Dingke is van plan huisactiviteiten terug te keren. Na een bezoek aan de grond, stroomt het vaak voor meer dan 40 hectare, en blijft zich bezighouden met de oude bank in zijn geboortestad. Ouyang Zhao Friends Denken, zei: "De slaapzaal van ons team heeft een 60 vierkante meter inactieve kamers. Als je het gebruikt, als je niet genoeg bent, zal ik een weg vinden!" Laat Gong Dingke de vaste pil eten.: Er is dit Tijdelijk fokkerij om de bouw van fokkerij te garanderen, "zullen we de werkperiode pakken en ernaar streven om in maart in productie te komen.

"" Wat is moeilijk, neem contact op met ons proeverijteam, we werken samen.

"Ouyang prees de schouders van Gong Dingke. Na een haast om te lunchen, gingen Ouyang Zhan-vrienden naar het dorp om vooruitgang te vinden in het dorp.

Terug naar het dorp, het is 3 uur ‘s middags.

Zittend op het bureau, open het werklogboek in het dorp, hij kamde de situatie op dezelfde dag en noteerde de vooruitgang van het project. Aan het einde schreef ik: "woonde in het dorp, we hielden een praktisch ding, volg de eerste lijn van droog, worstelen om het tweede, hard werken te winnen.

In het komende jaar moeten we vol enthousiasme zijn, geen jeugd, geen land. "Co?rdinatie: HU ANQI (Editor: Qin Jie, Liu Zhengning) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Wu Zunyou: Put knowledge into the enemy

Wu Zunyou: Put knowledge into the enemy

  The most beautiful technological worker suddenly has a new crown pneumonia epidemic, let Wu Zunyou go forward from behind the scenes. As the chief expert of epidemiology in China, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the early 2020, his judgment on key nodes will always bring confidence and peace of mind to society. "For the prevention and control of infectious disease prevention and technology, the most important thing is whether scientific research results can be transformed into national infectious disease prevention and control strategies and measures to translate into the prevention behavior of the people." Wu Zunyou said. It is because of its outstanding contribution to the work of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and AIDS prevention and treatment, he was granted in 2021 "The most beautiful technology workers" by six sectors of the Central Propaganda Department, China Science and Technology Association. At the critical moment, I will give you confidence. "I can tell you clearly: Beijing epidemic has been controlled!" On June 18, 2020, Beijing’s new local epidemic confirmed the eighth day of the local case.

At the press conference on the same day, Wu Zunyou said four.

  The air is from his work. Everyday lunch time, Wu Zunyou will review his colleagues to send him a "new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic analysis" report. After the adoption of his review, report the relevant leaders and departments. Wu Zunyou revealed that in fact, he was also worried that Beijing’s situation will be like Wuhan, New York. After the reason, I dare to answer the "Beijing epidemic has been controlled", because "accurate analysis and judgment of the implementation of Beijing epidemic data and prevention and control measures." June 19 to 27, Beijing new local case has stable The number of digits.

From July 6, "Zero Growth" is achieved. Many people have erected the thumb of Wu Zunyou. Some netizens praised it. "When you talk, dare to speak, dare to analyze.

For everyone, it is beneficial to Beijing’s epidemic control. "" This kind of work is very meaningful "After the new land epidemic situation, it is well received. Many people have doubt, why is the new hair, where is the source? Wu Zunyou led the team to relevant Cases have conducted occupational classification, the number of people who sell aquatic products is relatively relatively, followed by selling beef and mutton. From the patient’s onset time, the number of staff selling aquatic products should be early.

  They conduct environmental sampling in many places in the market, and the results of the sampling are analyzed together, and the pollution is more pollution, and the aquatic product and the beef and lanquil hall. Preliminary analysis may be because these local temperatures are low, humidity is large, suitable for viral survival.

  Subsequent Dalian epidemic is also the same, related to seafood processing and sales. On the basis of full comprehensively using large data analysis technology, epidemiological surveys and gene sequencing comparison and other technologies, Wu Zunyou believes that seafood and external packaging pollution, winter international logistics, etc., become new new crown viruses to trigger epidemic Way. "From Wuhan Hua Nan Seafood Market to Beijing New Family Market, then there are 30 Dalian Kaiyang Seafood Co., Ltd., there are three Dalian Kaiyang seafood companies, all of which are humid, low temperature environments. Such environments are suitable for viral survival, as long as pollution, viruses It will be in terms of topical getting more, and it is not easy to inactivate, thereby causing the risk of communication. "Wu Zunyou said.

  On August 15, 2020, some areas of the newly distributed market. Before the completion of the market, the testing institution has collected more than 3,000 environmental samples for the storage of cold storage, outer packaging and the environment, the result is all negative.

After the relevant departments organize experts, they hope to put the goods from the cold storage to the market.

  Wu Zunyou did not worry about the test results. It is recommended that the local disease control department sample review, only sample review, the refrigeration goods imported after March, "because the global epidemic is full of outbreaks."

  The relevant departments adopted his advice. The result of the retrieval is that nucleic acid positive samples were detected from several tons of aquatic products imported from individual countries in Asia. "Due to my persistence, the risk of newzigni pneumonia epidemic may caused by aquatic product pollution is avoided. Such a job is very meaningful.

Wu Zunyou said.

The party builds power, carrying out various work, guarantees the seventh party congress in the area

The party builds power, carrying out various work, guarantees the seventh party congress in the area

In the face of the epidemic test, Zhong Zhicheng City protects the safety of the public; building a people’s city, solving the problems of the masses; straight internal and external pressure, fully promoting the economic high quality development; where is difficult, there is a task, where is the party flag fluttering. It turns out that the party builds power and has guaranteed.

Looking back over the past five years, I have formed a consensus on the top five years: only the party’s leaders run through the whole process of Minhang Work, all aspects, and ensure that the party has always become the core of the whole game, coordinating the core of the parties, and gives full play to the grassroots party organization battle fortress The role of the majority of party members’ pioneering models, and the work is fundamentally political guarantee. A party member is a banner of a branch is a fortress in Shanghai Fifth People’s Hospital. The story of the "fire line into the party" is impressive – In February 2020, the five hospitals revived the Hubei Medical Team came to Wuhan Thunder Mountain. The hospital carries out medical treatment tasks. In the eyes of the players, the initial Thunder Mountain Hospital is like a site, but also like a maze, from the medical team takes over the ward, except for water, electricity, oxygenated equipment and empty beds, Nothing else. At this time, the Temporary Party branch of the medical team fully played a key role in the command, and the ward from there was no order to operate, only 48 hours. The captain Shi Dong said that in the front line of Wuhan, everyone can strongly feel the call and combat power of the party organization, a summons, two words do not say, the mission will be. During the assistant, there were 5 comrades "fire line into the party" in the medical team. Shi Jindong also received 17 copies of the party application. In addition to the party and the democratic party, other team members wrote the application.

Thunder Mountain "Minhang Angel" came to the war: someone was discharged, some people were "infected", someone fired into the party … This story not only happened in Wuhan.

In the order of the Minhang Epidemic Prevention and Control, more than 4,000 grassroots party organizations, more than 120,000 party members have moved side by side, fight side by side, conceived "epidemics", in the community, in the high-speed rail, in the port, in isolation points, rush In the first line, it is quite at the forefront.

"Organization Network" became a natural "protective network", co-casting the effective line of external defense input and internal defense rebound.

Dong Miao, who works in Xinzhuang Town is a party volunteer. He has carried out volunteer service in Hongqiao Hub epidemic prevention and control. The service content includes temperature measurement order guidance.

She said, "I am coming, I can" is the most sentence of party members’ volunteers on weekdays; and the party emblem and the party flag wearing the chest, not only bring a pride to volunteers, but also Passengers bring a sense of security. The masses "Home" is enjoys "Happy Circle" community "four-storey network" to become "Energy Ring" this year, the street residents of Gumei Road have been surprised to find that there is a temperature in the door, and there is a good place to go – The Party Group Service Center of the Street Community Community, No. 258 Pingyang Road. Here, in the whole district, the integration of multiple central terminals such as a stationary center and community affairs acceptance service center, and residents can experience 19 departments and more than 60 regional units and 20 social organizations. A large class, 116 service matters. "Do things, cultural entertainment, samples, I have something to turn over."

"The surrounding residents have been praise for the blended community party service center, and the traffic here is also climbed from 300 people before the transformation / day. Minhang here has a" magnetic field ", attracting 1000+ people in the card every day. What is the charm? "People’s City" construction is the new proposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping to Shanghai, and built a variety of party group service positions in "Door’s Door", which is the party organization contact, service, and condense the "nerve end of the party". In the past five years, Minhang District Committee actively explored the "Grid Parthen Building", building a "home door" service system with community party group service position as the core, forming a part-level party building service center, 2 industrial centers, 57 street towns, 729 party group service stations, three-level linkage, government service, cultural service, life service, enterprise service, services such as the old service, etc. Residents, white collar can be around the unit, and the community has a station "happiness circle".

At the same time, the Minhang District Committee is also piloted in the pilot town, Meilong Town, Qibao Town, Xinhong Street and other places to establish "Genge (Street Town) – Medium Grid (Piece) – Small Grid (Village, Street Wait) – Micrometer (Responsible Block) "Four Grid, Sinking Public Security, Urban Management, Comprehensive Tree, Market Supervision, etc. "Governance Network" "Service Network" organic fusion. "Previously, there is a needle below the thousand lines; now the functional department, the organization is condensed around us, just like a ‘energy ring’, let us dispose of various problems.

"A residential area party organization secretary said.

Taking Meilong Town as an example, since the training of pilot work, the small grid discovered that the disposal case rose from 45 in 2019 to 226 in 2020, and the number of hotline complaints dropped from 300 to 141. The development "friends circle" is more, the more red "partner", the more the new street is located in the core area of ??Hongqiao business district, and there are both global integrated transportation hubs in the jurisdiction. Headquarters and trading agencies.

Once, the shared bicycle "car is full", which seriously affects the image of the urban image; the streets set the public areas such as sidewalks to the disabled zone, causing the "parking" embarrassing situation, let the office workers feel very inconvenient.

In this regard, the new street relying on the work mechanism of the party’s recommendations, coordinating the business district project operator, sharing bicycle operators, non-motor vehicle parking management joint implementation "party construction lead – the floor is ‘land" – bicycle offer’ Technique ‘

Today, about 2,000 bicycles are running smoothly in the business district, basically meet residents, white-collar, "last km" demand.

The shared bicycle here is "stationed" in the community! But encounter a problem … The practice of the new street is the vivid practice of the Minhang District Committee to explore the vivid practice of "hub party building".

It is popular that exploring the "hub party building" is to implant the party building gene in the economically active meridian, drive development and innovation with the innovation of party building, so that urban management is getting more and more dynamic.

At present, Minhang District Committee puts the "hub party building" as the construction of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, promoting the important starting of the Yangtze River Triangulation, to strengthen the construction of the party’s organizational system, promote the industry, industry, and regional interconnection, The more you do it, the more you do it, let the red "partner" get more. Under the guidance of the district committee, the party committee of Shanghai Dongfulong Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established more than 40 units of the Yangtze River Delta pharmaceutical industry chain to form a "long triangulation pharmaceutical industry chain party community", and actively promote the Yangtze Medical Industry "House Development" The Xinhong Street Party Crafts Committee jointly established the "Yangtze River Triangulation Intelligent Party Construction Alliance", which has been covered by more than 1600 artificial intelligence related enterprises. The party’s political advantages, organization Advantages, innovative advantages are being transformed into comprehensive implementation of the development advantage of Hongqiao International Open Hub. (Source: Today’s Minhang) (Editor: Gong Sha, Han Qing) Share more people to see.

Winter Olympics design password, long-circling gray, Xia Guanghong, Tianzhu Blue, Ruixue White, "like a Chinese ancient painting"

Winter Olympics design password, long-circling gray, Xia Guanghong, Tianzhu Blue, Ruixue White, "like a Chinese ancient painting"

Heyang told the process of adjustment of the volunteer costumes of Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

  Lai Rui’s photo, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Series were released in Beijing, including staff costumes, technical officials, and volunteer costumes.

As an important part of the image landscape design of the Winter Olympics, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics uniforms convey the spiritual features of Olympic workers and participants in whole temperament, and become a flowing landscape.

  Recently, the reporter interviewed the designer of this series of uniforms, "Professor Beijing Clothing College," Listening to her story behind the design.

  Chinese style elegant "is particularly traditional, like a Chinese ancient painting." In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disappropriation Afold Olympics Series, an expert in the International Olympic Committee is evaluated.

  Heyang has a gray-moving 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics core graphics "Shan Sha", expressing the artistic conception of traditional Chinese water ink mountain water; gray and red match, visually constitute a Chinese style, implicit.

"Chinese people look at the mountain water, not just natural landscape, and also the landscape of humanities.

"He Yang said, sending a situation in the mountains, symbolizing the high quality of the gentleman. It is the philosophy and values ??of the Chinese people love nature, and natural harmony and symbiosis.

In her opinion, the landscape itself reflects the gentleman, the wind of the benevolent, and has a broad mind. This is accompanied by the dedication of staff, technical officials and volunteers. This gray ink is derived from the "Great Wall ash" in Beijing Winter Olympics, which has been extended by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Color System, reflects the continuity and value of Beijing Olympics. "Xia Guanghong" in the uniforms in the uniforms in the uniforms, the sun and Xiaguang, which are taken from Beijing winter, is a symbol of warm and hope, reflecting the enthusiasm of staff and technical officials. "Tianzhu Blue" in the volunteer uniform is the color of traditional Chinese ceramic treasures – blue glaze, with gem-like gloss, reflects the vitality of volunteers. "Rui Xue White" as the harmonic color of the uniform, symbolizing the purity of the ice and snow. "Rui Xue Zhao Fengnian" is also in charge of the time of the Beijing Winter Olympics – Spring Festival. "In the entire design, the balance of doing all aspects is the most important, such as the balance of visual steady and dynamic balance, graphical integrity and wearing functional effectiveness.

He Yang said.

  New Year’s Eve, the volunteer costume we see today contains landscape graphics, and enlarges the Great Wall elements in the core graphics, diagonal dynamic composition, forming a continuous flow, jumping, and entering the visual image.

This version of the uniform finally finalized until February 11, 2021. That day is the New Year’s Eve, the volunteer costumes of the Digital Digital Diabus have not been reviewed. Looking at the Great Wall Element Graphics on the Uniform, Heyang himself feels not satisfied.

At the time of the school, the time is already in, the time is urgent, and He Yang has to temporarily call two students on the line, once again try to adjust.

  The Great Wall element is not good, what is the reason? "Mainly because the design is not unified.

"He Yang found that the next part of the volunteer uniform is tilted" Division Shan Sha ", if the Great Wall is placed, it is visually uniform with the" Shan Shape "in the Division, so the first thing to let the Great Wall elements are also tilted.

After the inclinement, Heyang also felt that the Great Wall image was too real, it appeared to increase perspective, and it combined with virtuality, reflecting the level, wrong and speed.

Every step, He Yang has drawn a sketch first, and the students will adjust according to the sketch and her requirements, once again.

  In an interview, He Yang pointed to a vertical space between the Great Wall Elements on Volunteer Apparel: "This is a better design that is accidentally found in the error.

"At that time, students were accidentally mistaken, and they were very far from a color block. It was necessary to adjust it. He Yang suddenly felt that his eyes were bright, quickly stopped her." I found that the interval is better, let her Turn other intervals.

"He Yang recalls. Sure enough, the adjusted picture appears to be very stretched, one kind of motion you catch up with me. Just set!" The design is very magical, sometimes it is reasonable, in reality It is not suitable, and a new way out can be found in the error. He Yang said.

  Innovation, "Many people ask me, the Olympic uniform equipment visual design collection has specified the style, standard color, basic pattern, how to innovate?" In Hi Yang, this is not a problem. "Collection, everyone uses these same elements, but the design of the design is very different.

"He Yang said that restrictions are more clear to a certain extent; seeking innovation and breakthrough in restrictions, is an important mission to participate in the Olympic design work.

  This understanding of Heyang also is also related to her long-term engagement research.

She still has an identity is the curator of the National Apparel Museum of Beijing Clothing College.

In the view of He Yang, the different traditional costumes across the country is related to restrictions.

"Regional, material, and process restrictions have created unique style of traditional costumes.

The limitation itself does not hinder innovation, and it is possible to form an innovation with recognition degrees in the limitations.

"He Yang said. In the understanding of Heyang, a good design has a general idea, that is," section ".

The so-called "section", that is, the use of elements, and express the most abundant effect with the least elements.

This concept also runs through the Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics series uniform.

For example, the uniform’s sleeves originally used a small snowflake pattern to reflect the beauty of the ice and snow, but it looks a little messy. After decisive, the elements are reduced, and the effect of pure and high is also reflected.

"Less is much more. The element is less to make people feel clear, and the idea to express is also more clear.

He Yang said.

  As a 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Paralympic Collections and Torch Relay Clothing Designers, Heyang participated in the design of China’s sports delegation in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

At the short ago, the Beijing Winter Olympics is welcome, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics torchbearer costumes are also from her hand.

"There may be an Olympic plot.

"He Yang said, although it is not easy for each design, he still wants to participate.

In her opinion, the Olympic Games is a big stage, everyone can participate in it, luminous fever.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Wang Liwei: Talking about Lu Liang’s poverty reduction, there are three things in pride.

Wang Liwei: Talking about Lu Liang’s poverty reduction, there are three things in pride.

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan May 25th (Wang Liang Wu Ying) Lu Liang is one of the 14 centralized side of the country in the country. It is the main battlefield of Shanxi Province, and 10 poverty-stricken counties have all been taken. During the two sessions of the country, Wang Liwei, the National People’s Congress, the Mayor of Lu Liang City, shared the three things that were proud of the Luliang of the Ru Liang, and said that Lu Liang is striving to overcome the influence of the epidemic, and the battle is finished. Do not fall on the poverty, do not leak one, to ensure that a well-off society in the whole province is synchronized with the whole province. Xinhua Net: The first summer season, Lu Liangshan Lin wood is lush, and this is closely related to the poverty poverty attack.

Many netizens are interested in this, can you answer questions for them? Wang Liwei: Ok, I am very happy to introduce you. On March 6 this year, the battle is determined to win the poverty symposium. The Luliang team is affirmed by Lin Cooperatives, promoting the practice of ecological poverty alleviation. This is the thoughts, concerns and care of the Luliang Revolution, which is a encouragement, incentive and spur.

  In recent years, Lu Liang has seriously practice "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan", adheres to the combination of poverty attack and ecological construction, concentrate on the afforestation, retreating forests, retreats to forests, and economic forests "3 1 million mu of ecological project" , Vigorously promote the ecological restoration and ecological management of Lu Liangshan, starting to win green and income, ecological and livelihood "two battles" in the "a battlefield".

  Let us feel lucky and proud is that Lu Liang began green, Lu Liang’s air is also, the forest coverage rate is incremented by 1 percentage point per year, ranking up to third in Shanxi Province.

Last year, at China International Ecological Competitiveness Summit, Lu Liang won the "2019 China’s most ecological competitive city".

  Xinhua Net: Luliang is one of the 14 centralized side of the country, all of the 10 poor counties. In addition to the ecological poverty alleviation, what else is Lu Liang make you proud? Wang Liwei: I also want to share with you is that Lu Liangshan care workers go out of the mountains, into the city, integrated into the city, poultred drums, the quality is high, and it is also wider.

  In the past, the people worked for 1500 to 2,000 yuan.

In recent years, we have seized the provincial government’s provincial government’s tailor training employment income project, which is tailored to Luliang’s poor, and supports 3,000 yuan per person for poor people, and concentrate free training for 30 days.

Men and women and women even five or ten people walked out of Lu Liang, to Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Taiyuan, Xi’an to do housekeeping, in the moon, where gold medal, monthly, can earn seven or eight thousand yuan or even more than 10,000 yuan. Lu Liangshan care workers have become the brand of Luliang, the path to the road, has also become a clear sign of Lu Liangshan to get rid of poverty. Luliangshan care workers show the people of the whole country with honesty, trustworthiness, hardworking, professional brand and image, many people now find our Luliangshan care workers.

  It is also proud of us that photovoltaic poverty alleviation has become a "sunshine bank" that is increasingly increasingly increasingly increasingly poverty and poor villages. In Lu Liang, photovoltaic poverty alleviation has also become a brand, through the construction of a photovoltaic station, a lot of poor villages have a collective economic income of 500,000 yuan. This year, we take 80% of the photovoltaic gains. Strong to heart. Here, I am very happy to tell you, all of Lu Liang’s 10 poor counties, all of the 1439 poor villages exited, accumulating poverty0, poverty rate is reduced to%, regional overall poverty is basically resolved, and the poverty campaign Decisive achievements.

  Xinhua Net: The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought an impact on economic and social development.

What methods will the Luliang will take to ensure that the people of the old district will enter a well-off society with the country? Wang Liwei: In the face of the adverse effects of the epidemic, we carry out a point-to-point service, on-site service, actively promote a batch of foreign output, local absorption, a batch of employment of public welfare positions, hiring a batch, poverty alleviation workshop "Five A batch of" employment help engineering, the proportion of poor labor has increased by more than 6% from the same period last year.

  Next, we must consolidate the poverty reduction and develop the rich industry, so that the extravagance of the poverty and the rural resolution is effectively connected, and the employment of the employment is wider, and the industry’s way to get rich doors is more.

We must adhere to the leading path of leading enterprises with cooperatives, with farmers’ industrial development path, and the road to a special park, one village, one product industry, and strengthen the construction of village-level organizations, and strengthen the village-level collective economic strength. Good patriotic health movements make rural villages through industry revitalization, village wind civilization. We firmly believe that there is a strong leadership of the Party Central Committee.