[Evaluation Line] Feitian.com Review: Efforts to cultivate outstanding talents for national rejuvenation

[Evaluation Line] Feitian.com Review: Efforts to cultivate outstanding talents for national rejuvenation

  "Ethnic rejuvenation urgently needs to cultivate talents with both virtues.

"On April 21, General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to the old professor of Beijing University of Science and Technology, which fully affirmed the positive contribution of Beijing University of Science and Technology since its establishment. Stimulate the majority of colleges and universities to continuously improve the quality of talent training, and strive to build a world -class university with distinctive characteristics. Education is the great plan of the country and the party’s plan. The realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation depends on talents and education. With the high hopes of the people, strive to cultivate a large number of talents with both virtues and provide solid talent support for national rejuvenation. Efforts to cultivate "the most reliable" talents. Tree people. The majority of universities must adhere to the direction of socialist schooling, closely follow the fundamental tasks of Lide, and guide the majority of young people to establish great ambitions, Mingda virtues, talents, and responsibility, and strive to become newcomers in the era of the rejuvenation of the people.

It has not shaken the party’s comprehensive leadership of colleges and universities, improves the institutional mechanisms of all employees, the whole process of education, and all -round educating people, and implement the Lideshu people. The ideological and political courses are the key courses for implementing the fundamental tasks of Lide Shushu. We must openly and open the ideological and political courses. Feelings, consciously integrate the love of the country, the power of the country, and the country to the country, and consciously integrate into the persistence and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, build a socialist modern power, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Pay attention to practical education, guide students to understand the national conditions, understand the society, establish the feelings of the people, the responsibility of the society, and the loyalty to the country in the society.

  Efforts to cultivate "innovative" talents.

College is an important combination of science and technology’s first productive forces and talent first resources. Cultivating innovative talents has become a must -answer problem.

Basic research is the source of the scientific system and the foundation of consolidating first -class universities.

First -class universities should aim at improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities, comprehensively strengthen basic research, serve major national strategic needs, reform scientific research management and evaluation mechanisms, layout important scientific research directions, major scientific research platforms and key innovation teams. Promoting the interdisciplinary cross -integration is an important way to cultivate composite and innovative talents. It is necessary to attach great importance to cross -domain and interdisciplinary cross -research, form a leading advantage of key areas, and form a large team from basic research to technical application -through research. Large platforms, undertake large projects and produce great results. To solve key core problems and solve the technical problem of "card neck" is the inevitable needs of the country for innovative talents in the new era. Universities must comprehensively improve the quality of education, high respect for the growth of scientific and technological talents, promote the integration of production and education. Innovative talent.

  Work hard to cultivate "high skills" talents. Today, my country has entered a stage of high -quality development from factor -driven and investment -driven to innovation -driven transformation. The talent team is facing transformation and upgrading, especially the development of skill talents has ushered in a new challenge.

In the new period, economic and social development urgently requires a large number of new high -quality skill talents, but skill talents are still in a state of shortage, and the training of new skill talents is still behind industrial development. Vocational education is an important foundation for cultivating technical and skillful talents, promoting employment and entrepreneurship, and promoting the level of manufacturing and services in China, and plays an important role in promoting high -quality economic development. The vast number of vocational colleges should optimize the positioning of vocational education, deepen the integration of production and education, school -enterprise cooperation, in -depth promotion of the reform of education, running a school model, management system, and guarantee mechanism, steadily develop vocational undergraduate education, build a number of high -level vocational colleges And professionalism, promote vocational Putong, enhance vocational education adaptability, accelerate the construction of a modern vocational education system, and cultivate more high -quality technical skills talents, ingenious craftsmen, and great artisans. Thousands of Qiuji, talent -based. Cultivate and create a large number of talents with both ethics, related to development, future and revival.

The majority of colleges and universities should work hard to cultivate outstanding talents who have more loyalty, ideals, have the same leadership, dedication, and innovation, and continue to gather into the cause of the party and the people to build a talent foundation for comprehensively building a socialist modern power country, build a talent foundation, build construction Talent highland.

(Xiang Qiu).