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Last night Xu Xuan trained alone until three in the morning?!

Hibbert sorted out the news he heard in his head,Then came to this conclusion。
but.This is crazy too?
How can it be so crazy?
Where is training,It’s totally desperate!
At this moment,The Pacers players who arrived at the arena one after another also knew about Xu Xuan’s feat.。
West and others looked at each other,All looks incredible。
“Three o’clock in the morning?yesterday I.It seems that I only fell asleep at three in the morning.”
“what?You trained yesterday?”
“Don’t believe him,They train in the arena,This guy is on.”
In the morning9Half past one,When Xu Xuan walked into the arena full of energy,Everyone was shocked。
“This pervert doesn’t even yawn?”
“Is he a cow?”
Saw everyone not talking,Instead, they look at themselves like national treasures。
Xu Xuan touched his head unconsciously,“what,I had an accident with my hairstyle today?”

“First of all,Send a ninja card from the deck to the graveyard,The ninja school on my field·Uchiha belt soil rose from three stars to four stars,then,Activate the ninja effect I just sent to the graveyard,This is also the ninja sealed by you!”

“Anbe·Uchiha Shisui!Effect launch,When this card exists in the graveyard,Special summon a four-star or less ninja with Uchiha Itachi font from the deck or hand to the field,I chose to summon the ninja school·Uchiha Itachi!of course,For this I have to pay a thousand points of life,but,In order to summon the final card,Everything is worth it!”
“then,Ninja School·Uchiha Itachi effect is activated,When this card is on the field,Special call for a toddler·A derivative of Uchiha Sasuke!”
I’m wrapped up and still can’t even speak, infant Sasuke,With zero attack power,Zero defense,An ineffective posture appeared on the field。
“Worthy of being a blogger,Three ninjas were summoned in one turn!”
Tian Dou said in surprise。
“Not over yet!Send three ninjas on the field to the graveyard at the same time as materials,Special Summon Uchiha from the Extra Deck!Uchiha Tomitake!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,It is necessary to have Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke,And a ninja that can be specially summoned when a four-star ninja with Uchiha font is used as the material at the same time!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!”
“Remove a ninja from the game,Draw three cards from the deck and send them to the graveyard,Each of them has a ninja with the words Uchiha,I can draw a card from the deck。”
“There are two,So i draw two cards!”
“Write round eye reward,Effect launch,Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Every time a Uchiha Ninja remove game from the graveyard,You can draw a card from the deck。”
“Remove the remaining two ninjas used as materials for Futake Summon from the game,I draw two cards from the deck。”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!When all the fusion materials used as this card are removed from the game,You can add a kaleidoscope writing wheel from the deck to the hand card。”
“then,Activate the effect of another card I just drawn,Uchiha Recruitment!Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Turn all ninjas on the field into ninjas with Uchiha words。”
“Then start the field,Uchiha Cemetery!All the destroyed ninjas with Uchiha,And all the Uchiha Ninjas excluded from the game return to their graves!”
“In addition,That one was sealed by your ninja effect,Card sent to the cemetery,Do you remember?”

this one,Simply impossible。

Lin Yu, someone who has just cultivated,How can I have an enemy?
and so,that’s,The reason why everyone is so excited。
“Let’s go first。”
“This sword,Maybe many people,Want to snatch。”
Brother 2 got the sword,Even think about it,Just speak。
“it is good,In this case,Then let’s leave now。”
The remaining people,Also agreed with the second brother。
“Head of the Shenfeng Sect,We still have something,Don’t stay。”
A disciple of the best sword。
The people who saw this Tianlong Pavilion leave,Found an excuse,Leave quickly。
“We have something too,Not much stay,Thank you。”
Another school,Also followed。
Brush up!!!Multiple schools,See other schools leave。

Memory is also rising。

Basically these products that Huaxia cannot produce independently for the time being,All have risen differently。
“CPUIt’s really rising!”Wang Yufei sighed。
“Maybe the price of sand on the earth has risen?”Lu Yuxin shrugged,Teased。
This is naturally a joke。
althoughCPUMain material is silicon,The sand contains silicon dioxide,Intel productionCPURaw material wafer,Is indeed extracted from the sand,But Intel is absolutely impossible to let the sand truck enterCPUProduction park……
“Maybe Intel decided to sell to ChinaCPUAll the sand from the moon is used for production!”Wang Yufei smiled and replied。
This is actually something that makes Wang Yufei very angry,Because he is preparing to buy a batch of computers and servers in the name of Changxiang Technology,Build a laboratory。
CPUDrive the collective price increase of all hardware,Means that the laboratory needs to pay higher costs。
If it is a global rise,Understandable,Only increase prices for products sold in China,This is a bit of suspicion of bullying。
Whether rich or not,No one wants to be taken advantage of somehow。
And there must be a demon if something goes wrong。
Thought for a while,Wang Yufei walked outside the classroom with his mobile phone。
“Go call Professor Gao?”Lu Yuxin asked。
Wang Yufei nodded。
Just use your mobile phone to go online in the classroom,Wang Yufei still can’t do such things openly。
After all, the Office of Academic Affairs’ denial of electronic products into the classroom is still in progress。
Looking for a teacher to get permission to bring a mobile phone into the classroom is not to show off,But for business,But he wants to know what happened。
Came to the corner of an empty corridor,Wang Yufei dialed Gao Deyuan’s phone。

Su Luo smiled and rubbed the little girl’s head,then,There’s no after that。</p>

He forgot that his hands are muddy,And now Zifeng’s hair is also muddy,Su Luo forced to calm the road:“All right,All spread out to find eel,Remember what i just said,It’s definitely not difficult to catch eel。”</p>
Su Luo also searched in the quagmire,Not long after,I saw a thing with teeth and claws in the mud。</p>
A crayfish waving big tongs,When in danger,The deadly killer is two big pliers。</p>
Caught people,It’s going to be painful,But subdue it,Can’t trouble Su Luo,Start directly from behind。</p>
Pinch both sides of its back,Lobster’s tongs,Can’t rotate without dead ends,Throw into the fish basket,Put the lid on to prevent this little thing from running out。</p>
Then continue to search for stalls,And the girls,It’s also a character explosion,Caught two in a row,They were dug by Zifeng and Zhu Xudan.。</p>
Only Fat Di has nothing,A little unhappy,More attentively to search for the eel。</p>
almost,I caught five or six unagi,I got a lot of crayfish,Should be enough。</p>
Su Luo glanced into the distance,Girl Di who is still concentrating on searching,A crooked idea suddenly popped up。</p>
Walked over with a serious face,Looked at her and said:“do not move,There is something on your face。”</p>
Reba a listen,Hurriedly straightened up,Asked nervously:“What’s wrong with my face?”</p>
For girls,Nothing,More important than face and body,Su Luodao:“Don’t move,I will help you get it away。”</p>
Su Luo looked serious and serious,Fat Di didn’t think much,Let Su Luo stretch out his claws。</p>
Su Luo first drew two eye sockets with mud,Then when I draw the nose down,Reba noticed something was wrong。</p>
Because she was injured and muddy,So I rolled up my sleeves,I touched my face with my arm,Then all mud。</p>
Fat Di realized that he was fooled,Angrily with teeth and claws rushed over,And this time,Su Luo already escaped。</p>

Her words are very simple。

But Fu Yunfei can tell,Bai Wushuang’s mood is obviously different。
He thought,Shen Huan’s Ways to Coax Girls,That’s really top-notch,That’s how it solved Bai Wushuang’s problem,Won’t let Bai Wushuang feel any favor。
Over time,When Bai Wushuang found that he couldn’t live without Shen Huan,When it’s all the shadow of Shen Huan,What else can she refuse??
It must be only married to Shen Huan,Her life will be full of confidence and motivation,And joyful。
Unexpectedly dealing with such a cold girl,Shen Huan has a way,No wonder he has so many great girlfriends。
But instead, Fu Yunfei also shook his head。
Shen Huan is still too young!
Facing such a major scientific subject,For a woman,And deliberately slow down。
Doesn’t he know,Is there a huge gap between theory and practice??
Don’t look at you, Shen Huan has a clue about writing the paper,But in real practice,I’m afraid three to five years、I couldn’t do anything practical in seven or eight years。
This is in physics,Is simply too common。
Tesla100The theories put forward years ago,Many have not yet entered the practical stage。
But think again,After all, this is Shen Huan’s first physics-related experiment。
Even if he was unsuccessful for three to five years,At that time, Shen Huan will also accumulate a lot of experience and lessons,For his next development in physics,Is of great benefit。

Since Xuanzai believes in this Qianyu,Explain that its nature is not bad!

It’s probably really because of someone’s stimulation that caused the loss of control……
Then if he is imprisoned on Huxin Island,Maybe Ma Xiaotao and Qianyu can promote each other!
After all, the talents of the two are rare in Shrek for thousands of years!
Ma Xiaotao,Only twenty years old,Soul power level will reach the soul emperor!
Not to mention this Qianyu,Twelve years old!Soul power level reached Soul Sect!!
What a terrifying talent this is?
Under the hopeful eyes of the middle-aged man,Moon took a deep breath,“I agreed!but,During detention,Never allow Qianyu to leave Huxin Island half a step,otherwise,Consequences,Borne by you!”
The middle-aged man rejoiced“Yes!Thank you Mu Lao!!”
Thus,Ma Xiaotao can avoid the trouble of lust,And during this time,Her cultivation speed will definitely speed up a lot!
“Click”The gate of the detention facility was opened again……
There was a bit of dawn again in this dark place……

This is a desperate blow!

“No no no no!LeBron jumped up!LeBron jumped straight up!”
“Oh, God,Now LeBron can actually take off!”
“This height.It’s over,Ye Qinghui!”
No one thought that James would catch the ball at this time,Never expected,James can take off at this time!
Sum it up:It’s like magic。
You have to ask Tucker’s interview experience,He might touch his head and tell you somehow:“Actually I don’t know what’s going on,He jumped up.Quite suddenly。”
James’ jump stunned everyone directly。
Seeing that the road is a little rickety in the air,But still struggling desperately,The Cavaliers fans on the field are all wet.
Uh,Is the eye socket。
This is really moving。
They also saw James’ performance in this game,From beginning to end,Can’t pick a thorn。
For the victory of the game,James finished the whole game!
To the end,But he still comes to carry out this desperate attack!
“woo woo woo woo,Do you cry to me!Don’t cry?I call you cry!”
“Moved,What is a superstar?This is called a superstar!What is responsibility?This is called responsibility!”
“What about the people who say LeBron is a weak slug?Are you coming out,Lao Tzu killed you alive!”
“Like like like!Now it’s true,Lao Zhan did not disappoint!”
But more people are not happy too early。

In my own master,While wondering。

Lin Yu,Also frowning and wondering。
Logically,This should be a big battle。
But what I feel at the moment is,Someone keeps robbing。
And the place,Xuan Tianzong。
“Big brother,Are you there?”
Closed door,Tapped twice。
Hear the door knock,Lin Yu asked。
“Big brother,My name is Qin Rui。”
“Everyone calls me Third Brother。”
“I come to find you,There is something I want to ask your opinion。”
Qin Rui,Said at the door。
“come in,The door is not closed。”
Strange,Why is this guy looking for me?
To know,Myself and the people in the school,Not everyone,All familiar。
“Big brother,Come this time,Didn’t disturb you?”

Lines,Actually it’s not particularly difficult for others,The most difficult is Liu Sanmei,Duet from the front,Fighting against the landlord in the middle,In the later period, he died in love with Aniu。

Zhou Qingxue said:“I wrote the script myself,I shouldn’t have a big problem with lines or something,Just now everyone practiced the plot,I felt it was pretty good,Next, we need to think about each scene,Everyone can express their opinions,Use your own ingenuity,See how to make the drama more perfect!”
Everyone thought in silence for a while,Jiang Lumeng said:“Minister Zhou,Just acted according to your script,I personally think it is very good,Not much opinion,I will act as you say,Listen to you!”
Others nodded in agreement,They all said that they had no opinion to follow Zhou Qingxue’s arrangements.。
I thought about it:“No problem in other aspects,I would like to give some personal opinions on the beginning for your reference!The last part of our story is to die in a boat,My suggestion is that Liu Sanmei sang on the shore at first,And Aniu can shake the scull,Two people sing a duet across the river,It’s better to compare before and after!”
Zhou Qingxue said happily:“This suggestion is very good,I will change it into the script!Thanks Jiang Fengyuan,Does anyone else have any comments??”
Paused,Looked at everyone,Everyone shook their heads and expressed no opinion,So she said:“It’s late,Thank you for your hard work today,Left from the show2Week time,Our time does not change every Saturday and Sunday mornings9point,in the afternoon2Point set,The locations are in the student activity center,Everyone work hard to make the show well!”
Waiting for everyone to leave,I helped close the classroom and props,Leave with the two beauties。
On the road,To deepen Xiang Qingru’s impression of me,I think of the more famous local love stories in my previous life。
So I laughed with the second girl:“Can i ask you some questions?”
“can,You ask!”
To arouse their interest,I first asked a question that all girls are most concerned about,I said to Xiang Qingru:“Have you gained weight recently?”
“No,Why do you say that?You are dying,Dare to say i’m fat!”Xiang Qingru exploded immediately,Nervous answer。
I smiled and said:“Then why is your weight in my heart getting heavier?”
She gave me a few blows with a shy look,Zhou Qingxue looked at us two with a playful face,I quickly told them:“You misunderstood,It was actually a joke just now,Just like a brain teaser,It’s the more popular gameplay on our side,Called the Taste of Love,Ha ha!”