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Mid-Autumn Festival comes to Changsha Shi Yanhu to enjoy super moon, look "嫦娥 子"

嫦娥 月, "The Myth of Moon" and reproduces the classic.

The report of the 上海千花论坛品茶网report of the People’s Network Changsha September 20th, the beautiful super moon, carefully dressed "嫦 娥", the eye-catching river light … September 19, located in Shi Yanhu Scenic Area in Changsha Yuhua District With the official opening of the "Super Moon Festival" activity, a beautiful super bright moon officially unveiled, so that the green water is full of festive romantic breath, attracting many tourists "card."

It is reported that this event will last until September 21, and the public tourists can plan to play the experience in advance.

At Shi Yanhu Scenic Area, the super big moon shocked "debut", accompanied by gentle and soothing music and wind bell swaying with the wind, the "嫦娥" of the clothes is falling in the moonlight, elegant dances long The shawl yarn dances, and goes towards a round of Mingyue, leaving beautiful shadow, reproduces the classic scene of "嫦娥 月" in the ancient mythology, causing a large number of tourists to take pictures.

The two-wire marriage, single young men and women gathered here, the beauty of love, expect to express rapidly with the glory of the moon. While providing a single young men and women, it also means "deciding" and has a new model. Of course, there are many couples "the name of the month", bravely marriage. Experience the charm of traditional Chinese customs, let this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival more ritual! During the event, the scenic spot is also prepared to pick up the river blessing activities for tourists. Visitors can receive a beautiful river light, and they will put together the river lamp with their families, write to the wishes of the beautiful future, let the river lights float, pray for peace. Flying knife whip, table pedal, flame puncture … In Changsha City Magic Theater, the local magic master Zhang Zhuo also brought a wonderful performance for the public. In the fascinating plot and magical magic, the audience could not help but follow the magician to enter the magical world, and harvested an unforgettable visual feast.

In addition, the Mid-上海藏凤阁论坛 Autumn Festival is also a good season, and there is also a high-definition astronomical telescope in the scenic spot. Astronomical enthusiasts can also observe the beautiful scenery of the moon and enjoy the magnificent silver river. It is understood that October 1st to October 7, Shi Yanhu 2nd Forest Parent-child Carnival – Rare Flying Bird Paradise, 23 Grand Play will "turn over" National Day holiday.

From October 15th to October 17th, in 2021, Hunan Provincial Flower Miao Fa will also be grandly opened in Shi Yanhu Scenic Area. (其 雨) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client download.


Men’s cosmetics market into an emerging blue sea

  This year’s "May 1" holiday, the sales of men’s makeup related products increased significantly. Taobao special offer data shows that from May 1st to 3rd, in the goods of county consumers, men’s makeup purchases increased year-on-year growth. In the past, female consumers have always been the main buying power of makeup products.

As men’s requirements are improved, the purchase potential of male consumers is gradually released.

  Medical consultation released "2020 ‘Double 11’ Chinese Men’s Cosmetics Consumption" shows that men imported make-up spare goods increased by 3,000% year-on-year.

Men’s skin care products is obvious, reaching 30%.

The growth rate of "00-income" boys purchased the liquid foundation is 2 times that of girls, and the growth rate of purchasing eyeliner products is 4 times that of women.

  From the product category, Alibaba data shows that in makeup products, the foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, the eyebrow pencil is a new favorite in the male consumer shopping cart. In the "95" male population survey,% of the people used BB creams,% people used lipstick or lipstick,% people used over-eyed pen or eyeliner,% people used eyebrow products. From the perspective of consumers, young men are more beautiful. Alibaba data shows that there is a "95" in men to purchase the foundation of the foundation.

Among the male consumers who purchased Su Yan, the "95" "00" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" In addition to make-up, some male consumers are still involved in medical beauty.

Ai Rui consulted previously "2020 China New White Collar Consumption Behavior Research Report" said that men’s accounting in the medical beauty is as high as 30%.

The new oxygen data shows that men are more accommodated in "Magic", and the average customer price is female.

  Beijing "90" Xiao Liu is a frequent visitor of medical beauty institutions. In order to treat acne pits and acne marks, he has 上海品茶论坛 purchased 8,000 yuan 6 treatment cards in medical beauty institutions. Xiao Liu said that every time I go to treatment, I will encounter a lot of male consumers. "At first, I felt some embarrassed. Later, everyone exchanged, and I found that the boys who did a medical beauty were quite very much. Many boys and friends Said that I was doing medical beauty, I also told me ‘skeeper’, saying that I would like to try it. "According to the medical staff staff, acne and treatment acne marks, acne pits are the favorite projects of male consumers.

  Epi is also popular with young male consumers. Since this year, more than 180,000 male consumers have purchased the eyebrow service in Tmall, among which "85" "90" is half, "95" and "00 post" growth is higher than the other age. 上海喝茶群vx Alibaba side stated that the male value economy is developing rapidly, and the thermal market of cosmetics and skin care products related to male consumers will continue to heat up and tend to refine, specialize and high-end. This is also a trend after the rapid economic development and the quality of life.

  Relevant data shows that the Chinese men’s cosmetics market has grown in the year in the past four years, and the market size of about 16.7 billion last year is expected to increase by 6% -8% after the year later. By 2023, it will exceed 20 billion yuan. China’s male value economy is rapidly developing. As male makeup skin care is enhanced, the male cosmetics market is gradually become an emerging blue sea.


Ministry of Commerce: National consumption in "May 1" is actively recalling

Original title: Ministry of Commerce: During the "May 1st" period, the national consumption presents active return to warmth. People’s Network Beijing on May 7 (Kisiachu) "During the" May 1 "period, the national market is probably rebounded, and consumption is actively recurrent.

"At the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, the peak of the Ministry of Commerce, from May 1st to 5th, the Ministry of Commerce focused on monitoring the daily sales of retail enterprises than the Qingming holiday growth rate, downloaded year-on-year. Mainly presented the following features: First, there is a variety of activities.

爱上海龙凤 All localities have implemented the prevention and control work during the "May 1" period, through the organizing shopping festival, issue coupons, carry out all kinds of promotion, online live broadcasts, etc., strive to collect the popularity of the market. Shanghai "Five-Year Shopping Festival" carried out large-scale promotional consumption activities, focusing on the growth rate of business circles. Second, the online sales growth is rapid. More than 100 domestic business companies are actively involved in the second "Double Products Network Shopping Festival" organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Post Office, and some sales of sales increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

  The third is that the sales of goods quickly 松江大学城男生300一次 rebounded.

During the "May 1st" period, the Ministry of Commerce focused on monitoring retail enterprises, daily necessities, cosmetics, and costumes, increased by weight,%,%, and%, respectively.

  The fourth is gradually recovered in catering accommodation. It is understood that during the "May 1" period, the national dining and accommodation industry consumption replenishment index increased and a percentage point, and the consumption scale has been restored to 70% in the same period last year, which is approximately 2% from the Qingming holiday.

  Fifth, the life necessities market is stable. National 100 large agricultural and sideline products wholesale market glutinous rice, flour, edible oil day, wholesale price,%,% and% decreased by weight, pork, beef price, decreased by pork, beef prices, rising lamb prices; white chicken, egg price Decreased% and% respectively; 30 kinds of vegetables average wholesale price 上海美女桑拿按摩网 decreased. (Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).


Minister of the Ministry of Finance Liu Kun: Three major movements raise 2018 tax change

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 25 阿拉爱上海验证交流区 (Reporter Yu Qiongyuan, Shen Wei) Opening "China Development High-Level Forum 2018" The three new movements of China ‘s tax reform in 2018.

  How is the reform of the reform of the reform that have been fully pushed? Liu Kun said that in 2018, my country will adjust the value-added tax rate level, focus on reducing the tax rate of manufacturing, transportation and transportation, and further strengthen the market subjectivity, and promote the economic development of the market.

  Personal income tax 上海桑拿实体店 institutional reform is a big point this year.

In this regard, Liu Kun said that this year will reform the individual income tax system, according to the changes in the consumption level of the residents, improve basic cost standards, increase the special cost of child education, major illness, etc.

  "Establish a comprehensive and classification of personal income tax system, optimize the tax rate structure, improve the tax deduction, standardize and strengthen the tax group, and strengthen the tax collection, and give full play to personal income tax adjustment.

"He emphasized. Implementation of taxation statutory principles schedule has been fixed, and the subsequent reform tasks are very heavy.

Liu Kun said that in 2018, it will accelerate the legislative work of the universal 上海哪里有桑拿按摩会所 tax law, and strive to complete the drafting of the deed tax law, resource tax law, the consumption tax method, the stamp method. In addition, Liu Kun said that the next step will also focus on improving the direct tax system, including paying attention to international tax reform, further improve the corporate income tax system, and promote the principle of "legislation, full authorization, step-by-step promotion", and promote real estate tax legislation and implementation .

  "We will further optimize the tax system, strengthen overall design and supporting, accelerate and improve the local tax system, and improve the legal system framework." Liu Kun said. +1.


Middle and Town, Zhonghe Town, Nanning City, received public welfare donations

Donation ceremony.

People’s Network 上海sn论坛Nanning November 17th "My dream is to be a glorious people teacher.

I will study hard, constantly try to realize my dreams … "On November 16th, in the" Dream House "public welfare donation activities held by Zhonghe Town, Zhonghe Town, Nanning City, Nanning City, received funding autumn Students said happily.

On the same day, donation activities were taken in line broadcasting, and the main venue was located in Beijing, and the branch field was located in Fangcun Primary School.

The teachers and students of the school receive teaching materials such as electronics, music, sports supplies, and books worth nearly 110,000 yuan. The donor also set up "Dream Scholarship"上海龙凤419自荐 , the branch of the funds, and the achievements of the school students successfully completed the school, and 上海干磨网 pursue the dream of life. It is understood that Fangcun Primary School is a school that has more children stayed in children, teaching equipment, and less teaching equipment, music equipment, and sports equipment. The materials donated by the Modern Motor Group’s "House" of the Modern Motor Group, to improve the teaching efficiency and teaching level of teachers, let the children have exposed to information technology teaching, and enhance their children’s comprehensive literacy. Peng Yuanhe, Shi Wei Fang, Liu Qiong Photography Report (Editor: Peng Yuanhe, Huang Yumei) Share more people see.


Medical security electronic vouchers "Village push" new scam: demand, good acting, big interest

  Xinhua News News News Ning November 14th, Issue: I met this kind of "good heart", please pay special! – Be wary of medical insurance electronic vouchers "Village" new scam Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Xingxing, Lei Jiaxing On November 1, "The Law of the People’s Republic of China" officially implemented, my country’s personal information protection rule of law reached a new level. Xinhua News Agency reporter discovered that in many remote rural areas, there were lawless elements with "promotion of medical insurance electronic vouchers", defrauding the important personal information of villagers, need to be vigilant. Be wary of medical insurance electronic vouchers "Village push" new scam medical insurance electronic voucher issued by the national unified medical information platform, which is the identity of the people and related agencies. According to the person in charge of the relevant work of the State Medical Insurance Bureau, through the medical insurance electronic voucher, the participating people can do not need to carry the entity card certificate, you can complete the registration consultation, medical insurance settlement, check the medicine and other related medical services, effectively improve the medical experience of the masses. .

my country’s 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have supported medical insurance electronic vouchers. According to the "14th Five-Year" National Medical Security Plan ", my country will accelerate the construction of intelligent medical insurance public service platforms such as medical insurance electronic vouchers, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau will continue to promote application medical insurance electronic vouchers.

  The reporter learned that the current third-party channel platform, which has received medical insurance electronic voucher access authorized, for convenient rural residents, especially the long-term rural residents. "Village Push" form helps local people to activate medical insurance electronic vouchers. The reporter learned from the Guangxi Guoang Detachment of the Guangxi Guigang City Public Security Bureau. Not long ago, the local police successfully knocked off a lawless gang who borrowed the "Village Push" medical insurance electronic vouchers illegally obtained the important personal information of the villagers. In the 3 months, the group has been registered with 10,000 network accounts with the mobile phone number and related personal information of 10,000 people, and sold profit. In addition, the individual information they sell is more than tens of thousands of individual information. Cai Hua, the four brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Guigang City Public Security Bureau, told reporters that such illegal "village push" activities have become an important source of "black accounts" in illegal activities such as online fraud, gambling, not only suspected of serious illegal crimes, but also leads to personal information. The villagers who are defrauded "’sin’ from the sky".

  The strike is a difficulty: the demand is true, the acting is good, the interest reporter investigation found that the criminals often select the far-reaching rural areas, the gang level is clear, the division of labor is clear, the hidden sex, deceptiveness is characterized, and the difficulty is added.

  - illegal "village push" is aiming at real needs and enhances deceptive.

As of July this year, my country’s medical insurance e-voucher all channel activation users have exceeded 100 million. However, the current rural areas, especially rural registration, activation of medical insurance electronic vouchers, is still less, subject to specific conditions, villagers, especially middle-aged villagers, promoted "into the village", " Guide to use the medical insurance electronic voucher to have urgent needs.

  - The criminals hit the "policy promotion", forgery, deceive the village cadres and villagers.

"They will be in the formal team uniforms, with fake work documents, fake medical insurance documents, using the medical insurance bureau official slogans." Zhang An, the vice team of the Guigang Municipal Public Security Bureau, told reporters, illegal "village push" personnel Most of the workplace is located in the office building of the village committee. Some of the village cadres who are unknown. They will also be enthusiastic to introduce and organize personnel, making the villagers true and false. To make a case, in order to enhance confusion, such legislative groups have special "speaking" templates for their members. – The gang is strong, and the crime can be simply replicated. The reporter learned that illegal "village push" usually uses the county and urban levels, and the criminals in villages will be promoted. They "play a shot for a place", the flow commit, will be able to destroy the relevant evidence immediately and continue to commit crimes. In addition, illegal "village push" is simple, and personnel can immediately "get started" as long as it is slightly trained. – There is a complete "black production chain" behind the illegal "village push", and the temptation of interest is huge. "The gang weighed by us, through illegal ‘village push’ every day to defraud 200 village mobile phone numbers and other important personal information.

"Zhang Mai told reporters that the gang’s illegal" business "is distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan and other places, and they have high prices to acquire personal information and" black accounts "that are illegally acquired by lawless elements, and use them. Improvisible black 上海品茶联系方式 production chains in illegal activities such as network fraud, gambling.

  The police also reminded that the mobile phone numbers of elderly people in rural areas have not registered online accounts, and they lack the smartphone, the vigilance is poor, and it is an ideal "prey" of criminals. Strengthen the "Police, Enterprise, Medical" linkage and the deep public security department website recently said that the national public 上海高端工作室外卖 security organ Netan department combines the "net network 2021" special action, severely hit the "promotion medical insurance electronic voucher", etc. Illegally collect personal information such as rural middle-aged people’s mobile phone number and maliciously registered the illegal "push" gang of trafficking online accounts, currently detected 90 cases, and more than 60 people, captured more than 550 suspects, seized Illegally acquired citizen individual information more than 60,000, more than 40,000 network black numbers. Experts suggest that the relevant departments have taken measures, establish and improve the intensive mechanism of hitting rectification, and protect the security of the masses.

  Improve the awareness of the prevention of the masses and enhance the "old" intelligent service.

Currently, proven to prevent telecommunications network fraud and citizen information is an important part of the construction of safe rural construction. The police reminded that the masses should improve the vigilance and consciousness of safeguarding personal information security. Do not hand over the goods such as mobile phones to strangers alone, do not scan the unknown QR code to avoid the machine. Yao Hua, a researcher in Guangxi Social Sciences, said that most of the victims, most of the victims are rural elderly, and the relevant departments should pay special attention to enhance the intelligent service level, and improve the medical service experience, protect the elderly, especially underdeveloped rural areas. People enjoy the rights of technical dividends. – Increase the strength of formal channels to promote activation of medical insurance electronic vouchers. Lu Hui suggested that the director of the Office of the Guigang Medical Insurance Bureau, on the one hand, should increase the medical insurance electronic voucher of the two institutions such as fixed-point pharmacy and fixed-point hospitals to activate the application promotion. On the other hand, the village cadres should strengthen links with relevant government agencies, actively master Relevant policies and information, strengthen the "Village Push" team to avoid the risks of villagers. Perfect "Police, Enterprise, Medical" linkage mechanism.

Cai Hua suggested that the regulatory agency responds to the operational promotion activities carried out in the region in the regional platform channels, and the relevant agencies should freeze or log out of the malicious registered virtual account. Yang Zhihe suggested, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Information Management, Heilongjiang University, should establish a constant linkage and notification mechanism as soon as possible. Police, the medical insurance department and technology enterprises should strengthen communication, in the Qing Dynasty, the illegal registration account is checked, and the resulting force is formed when the crime association information is cleared, and the behavior of infringement of the information security in time is timely.


Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other leaders will be unveiled in Hong Kong

  [Say] "Celebrating the Chinese Communist Party", 阿拉爱上海女生对对碰 "Celebrating the Chinese Communist Party" is held in Hong Kong, which is held in Hong Kong. The exhibition is hosted by the Bauhinia Culture Group, and the joint publishing group, Hong Kong painting and calligraphy Wenwan Association Co-organized, Ji Gu Zhai Co., Ltd.

About 100 drawings and calligraphy works from Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, Xu Titi, Li Dazhao and other people.

  [Journal] Zhao Dongxiao, general manager of Jigu Zhai Co., Ltd., introduced the interview with China News, this painting and calligraphy exhibition is mainly divided into three parts, the first part is the party and national leaders and older generation revolutionists and CCP’s founders Precious handwriting; the second part is the work of some democratic party leaders and social and cultural celebrities in the early 上海夜生活桑拿 days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China; the third part is a painting and calligraphy work of the currently known artist and other socialist development.

  [Same period] Zhao Dongxiao, general manager of Huizhu Co., Ltd., because this year is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, which is a very worthy of the year. We all believe that the painting and calligraphy exhibition that can hold this topic in Hong Kong (promoted) Hong Kong citizens have a great help to our country’s understanding of our country and deepen the understanding of the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership role in our country. So we started planning such a special exhibition half a year ago, and we can finally meet with the general public in Hong Kong before and after seven.

  [Explanation] It is reported that this book and picture will be opened to the public to July 10th, this book and picture exhibition has exhibited 100 Chinese painting and calligraphy works, attracting many Hong Kong people to visit.

Many Hong Kong citizens said to China’s reporters that they believe that the quality of painting and calligraphy exhibitions is very high, and they can see leaders represented by Mao Zedong, and their precious future is very excited. [Same period] The exhibition of Hong Kong citizens, I was very excited.

You can see many of the deceived leaders and the true fan of revolutionary, so I feel very excited. This exhibition is very high, all the revolutionary of the Chinese Communist Party (painting and calligraphy), their revolutionary story is what everyone knows, but their literary talent is nothing.

Here you can see the style of their writing, everyone’s font is worth learning. Not only is the spirit of learning their spirit, but also the literary and calligraphy, learn their paintings. (I believe) is a good opportunity.

  Reporter Liangyuan Hong Kong report.


Media attention: Zhuhai Air Show Daxiu China Aviation Strength

On October 4, according to September 30, the 13th China International Aerospace Expo was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong from September 28th to October 3, October 上海后花园私人会所 3.

The 6-day Zhuhai Air Show attracted approximately 700 exhibitors in nearly 40 countries, more than 100 aircraft.

A variety of Chinese fighters debuted in the air show. · 歼 -20 China’s self-developed 歼 -20 invisible fighter, taking into account the right to the sea. At the opening ceremony of the Zhuhai Air Show on September 28, the -20 led the flight performance. In the topic of the big exhibition 2上海哪里能找到外菜0, the topic of the Sky Sky, the 20th member of the present, and the 20th member of the unveiled – 20 and straight-20. · Electronic fighters 歼 -16D is also the 歼 -16D electronic fighter, which is independently developed by China, and there is not much difference in shape and 歼 -16, less infrared search tracking sensor and machine gun, can accommodate more electronic devices, can be carried out Press and interfere with air defense systems.

· No-8 In 2019, the 70th anniversary of the National Day, China’s high-altitude high-speed unmanned reconnaissance machine did not detect-8 public debut and received attention. At this Zhuhai Air Show, the people can observe the static insort. – 8 at close range.

Public data shows that no use of 8 meters, 5 meters wide, and the flight speed can reach 6 Mach, the maximum flight height is 50,000 meters.

· Cargo -20A China’s autonomous military large-scale transportation machine-20 In addition to the transport of force and materials, heavy equipment such as tanks can also be transported, and the rapid personnel and equipment transfer are achieved. In February 2020, Yun-20 implemented an unforgettable military mission, transporting medical materials to Wuhan.


Mei Tuan bicycle digital renminbi pilot online for a month to attract users over million

[] US group bicycle digital renminbi pilot activities recently handed over the first transcript: As of October 14, the US group bicycle digital RMB pilot activity has attracted more than 1 million users to open digital RMB personal wallet, accumulated production Wan Green ride km.

It is expected to reduce carbon emissions to approximately 2400 tons compared to driving fuel vehicles.

  The US group bicycle digital renminbi pilot activity is the first multi-linking carbon neutral and public welfare theme pilot 上海千花娱乐论坛 activities since the digital renminbi test, and jointly launched by the US Mission and Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank, and Construction Bank. It officially launched in early September. In a way through forward incentive, the green lifestyle of energy-saving and carbon reduction is advocated while popularizing digital renminbi applications.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the US Mission Financial Services Platform, data statistics show that the user opens the green travel frequency after the user opens a digital RMB personal wallet, which is higher than the opening up. At the same time, the green travel frequency of the open digital RMB personal wallet users is more than the ordinary user average.

  The industry believes that the US group bicycle pilot has built a "green finance + 宝山区419会所 green scene" model, which matches the number of green low-carbon scenes close to the number of people’s daily green and low-carbon scenarios. It will also be used to further verify the design and system stability of digital RMB business, and the product is easy to use.

  The US group said that with the deepening of the pilot work, as an important service platform for Chinese consumers, US groups plans to continue to open, catering, wine travel, etc., to continue to open a consumption scenario, such as more platform consumption scenarios, with platform Connection points, combine national financial science and technology innovation with the depth of the people, assist in exploring the normalization path of digital RMB.

  The US group bike digital renminbi pilot activities will continue to the end of this year. All users who work in Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xi’an, Changsha, Chengdu, Xiong’an New District can open the US Mission App Search "Digital Renminbi", sign up for the activities and receive the minimum 10 yuan. Maximum 216 yuan digital RMB low-carbon red envelope reward. .


Media Review: China strives to ensure that the economy is stabilized on high quality development

On December 13, the Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing from 8th to 10th.

The meeting fully affirmed this year China’s economic development performance, requiring the stability of the economic work next year, steady, and promoting deep reforms at high levels, promoting high quality development.

Overseas media will continue to be highly concerned about this.

According to Latin America reported on December 11, China identified the plan to accelerate socio-economic development in 2022 and met the challenges of domestic and foreign challenges. According to the report, the Central Economic Work Conference 上海sh419交友网 was deployed next year’s economic work.

According to the report, the meeting stated that the economic work of next year should be stable, steady and advance, and fully deepen the reform and opening up, insist on innovation and driving development, and promote high quality development. The meeting said that it is necessary to continue to implement a positive financial policy and a robust monetary policy, expand high levels of opening up, promote system-type openness, implement national treatment of foreign-funded enterprises, attract more multinational corporations, and promote major foreign projects to accelerate landing, promote total Built a high quality development. According to reports, the Central Economic Work Conference also summarizes this year’s economic management, emphasizes the progress of the country in 上海洗浴按摩耍耍 economic development, new corona epidemic control, scientific and technological development, industrial chain toughness, social welfare, and ecological civilization.

According to the Hong Kong "Nanhua Morning Post" website reported on December 11, the two-day central economic work conference was closed on the 10th of the Central Economic Work Conference. Han Wenxi, the deputy director of the Central Finance Committee, and Han Wenxiu, in the spirit of interpreting the spirit of the meeting, the primary product supply Prevent the evolution of a gray rhinoceros due to major gaps.

According to reports, Han Wenxiu held at the 2021-2022 China Economic Annual Meeting on the 11th: Primary product supply should prevent the evolution of a gray rhinoceros due to major gaps, especially food security.

爱上海水磨工作室论坛 According to reports, Beijing’s heavy economic work conferences in the focus of 2022 work, planning next year’s economic policy blueprints, the central economic work conference, more emphasized, and increased its self-sufficiency. Han Wenxiu said on the 11th that all aspects should actively launch policies that are conducive to economic stability, cautiously introduce policies with contraction effects.

According to reports, 25 stable characters occurred in the newslette on the Central Economic Work Conference, and the meeting also promised to conduct infrastructure investment in the appropriate advancement. Analysts believe that this indicates that the future will further introduce financial and currency loose policies.

According to reports, the meeting proposed to persist in saving priority, implementing a comprehensive savior, and enhancing domestic resource production guarantee capabilities.

The report believes that in the face of increasingly severe international environment, Beijing is in accordance with the dual cyclic strategy, more emphasizes domestic demand and sufficient supply.

According to reports, the meeting requested the development of advanced mining technologies such as oil and gas, accelerating the construction of waste circular utilization systems, and puts improved agricultural production capacity in a more prominent position.