Yunnan Energy Supervision Office continues to enhance administrative licensing efficiency and service level

Yunnan Energy Supervision Office continues to enhance administrative licensing efficiency and service level

  Since this year, Yunnan Energy Supervision Office has implemented the "venting service" reform requirements and continuously enhance administrative licensing efficiency. As of the end of October 2021, the underlying (repair, trial) license is long, and the power business license has averaged long-day, far below the national regulations.

  Yunnan Energy Regulatory Office has taken measures, further facilitating the entrepreneurship of electric companies in the jurisdiction. First, simplify the processes, and fully implement the qualification license to inform the commitment system.

Since the implementation of the implementation of the commitment system, it has been conducted to inform the commitment to committing a guarantee business, accounting for% of the same periodic license, and social identity continues to increase.

The second is to strengthen the licensing supervision, and revoke the decoration (repair, trial) licenses of 9 enterprises in accordance with the law, and actively create a fair and fair market environment. The third is to enhance service awareness and conscientiously implement the "good bad review" requirements for licensing services.

As of the end of October, a total of 253 good reviews were received, and the overall praise rate was%, and the zero collection rate was achieved.

The fourth is to strengthen policy publicity, facilitate enterprise and masses to start business, to promote and train more than 150 companies, and training, focus on publicity licensing policies and Huimin measures, online answer companies More than 100 questions.

The fifth is to actively promote the reform of incremental distribution business. In 2021, a power business license was issued for 4 pilot projects, and 11 projects were allowed to operate, and the percentage of certification projects accounted for. Sixth, actively explore the credit supervision method, active service related enterprises to complete 10 credit repair, reshape the enterprise good credit.

  Next, Yunnan Energy Supervision Office will adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen the license, strengthen supervision, optimize service, deepen credit, and further enhance the sense of access to enterprises, and effectively stimulate the main vitality of the power market.