Taiyuan City Heating Preparation Will start on October 20 and gradually warmed the test

Taiyuan City Heating Preparation Will start on October 20 and gradually warmed the test

  Original title: The city’s winter heat preparation is on October 14, the reporter learned that the city actively overcomes energy supply tightness and the strongest autumn impact, has been prepared for this year’s winter heating.

The hot network system of the city is stable, which will start on October 20 and gradually warmed to heat, and ensure that heating is as scheduled on November 1.

  The total heating area of ??the city has reached 100 million square meters, including 8 power plants, 6 heat source plants to concentrate on charge for 1.74 million residents; 40,000-square meters of clean heating, Recommended 259 cells, geothermal and other 75 cells of gas heating. Fuel load is in place. Since this year, in the face of the huge pressure of energy tight and heat source production and regulation, our city insists that the early arrangement of strong and weaknesses, early manual to process problems, and actively implement the heat source production fuel and power generation, as of the current signed 2 A total of 150,000 tons of coal-free contract and 5 gas peak heat source factory billion cubic meter gas supply contract, coordinated the power supply and power supply in power generation during the heating period, and the capacity of heating and protection is further improved. The facility maintenance is maintained in place.

Newly built and renovated the heat pipe network 173 kilometers, 54 thermal stations, the Datong Road, the maintenance of this winter, the renovation of the newland network and the renovation of the Shengli Street and other pipe networks and this year "three supply and one industry" The thermal repair and reconstruction community completed the end. Dongfeng and Chengnan two heat source plants and its hot network systematic improvement and upgrading, distributed peak heat sources reached 73, new emergency peak heating capacity of 6 million square meters.

Solid the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, especially in the case of severe affected by some regions in Qingxu County, and organize strength to repair the strength and repair of heat, electricity and other infrastructure, and solidify the "coal change" "coal change" rural area of ??the affected area "coal" Hot work, ensuring that the affected people are safe to warmly. Emergency service is in place.

Each power plant and heating enterprise formulate a perfect supply operation program and emergency plan, establish a 24-hour emergency rescue team, once the heating problem is immediately dealt with.

At the same time, the reasonable layout of the heat transfer enterprises, implement the data daily collection responsibility system, establish and improve the recording and consultation of the supply of heating, continuously smooth the communication of the people, optimize the citizen heating experience, and strive to improve the quality of heating services. (Reporter Zhao Jizhen Yin Xue).