Yu Zujun, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University: Be willing to study the spirit of the science

Yu Zujun, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University: Be willing to study the spirit of the science

  Xinhuanet Beijing December 2nd (Reporter Dong Wei) December 2nd to 3rd, the 12th Xinhua Net Education Forum was held in Beijing. The this forum is organized by the "Watching Future Education" as the theme, and is held through the online line. Expert scholars from various fields around higher education, basic education, vocational education, international education, etc., have a wide range of exchanges and discussions.

  In the round table dialogue with the theme of "cultivating first-class basic disciplines to achieve high quality characteristics", Yu Zujun, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University, said that with economic and social development needs, China’s development will encounter some "card neck" issues. There will be a series of worldwide problems that must be overcome, which requires a lot of basic disciplines.

  Yu Zujun as an example with the development of transportation industry, believes that China’s economic and social development has created a foundation with internationally, and it provides a scenario. In these areas, how to lead, how to resolve a large number of worldwide problems encountered, is a problem that universities should think about solving. Beijing Jiaotong University builds on SS integration, undergraduate period wide knowledge, thick foundation, graduate dreamer in the high-speed rail plan, facing worldwide problems. When answering "1 of the first-class basic disciplines should have a special product", Yu Zu Jun said that innovative people must have a national relationship, and have to have a science.

The school motto of Beijing Jiaotong University is known, although short, but the connotation is rich. "Know" includes basic discipline knowledge and expertise; "line" is to be willing to study, there is independent original spirit. Now there is a technology and scientific "card neck" thing, not a trick, you must diamond, and wear a sword ten years. Yu Zujun believes that the development prospects of students’ learning basic discipline have broad prospects, and there are many national strategic layouts, major scientific and technological infrastructure construction, national laboratory construction, etc., all have increased the basic research of basic disciplines. Beijing Jiaotong University relies on the national key laboratory, and the Zhan Tianyou College’s Shuo Bo, and focused on the scientific and technical problems in front of the scientific and technical problems.

  According to reports, since the first time in 2010, Xinhua Net Education Forum has been successfully successfully held in a row.

Over the years, the forum has continued to focus on the education hotspots, difficulties, prospective education development of society, and the development of education reform, providing in-depth, comprehensive and frontier views for education high quality development.