Tokyo Olympic Economic Effect Small Japan Square 400 trillion yen to stimulate the economy

Tokyo Olympic Economic Effect Small Japan Square 400 trillion yen to stimulate the economy

Original title: Tokyo Olympic Economic Effects Co., Ltd. to consolidate 40 trillion yen to stimulate the economy China New Network November 16th Comprehensive report, recently, the Japanese Nevocontal Palace released data showing that the Tokyo Olympic Games is successful, but almost all game venues are It is forbidden to enter the market, bringing limited economic effects.

Analysis said that in the face of a strong offensive of new crown epidemics, Japan will launch more than 400 trillion yen (about RMB 2 trillion) economic stimulus. According to reports, the Japanese Nevocontal Palace issued data show that the third quarter of 2021, Japan’s domestic product (GDP) fast reported value, the quarter-based factor is adjusted, and% is reduced by annual rate. There is a negative growth in 1 quarter.

  "Japan Economic News" said that this highlights the fragility of Japanese economic toughness and cannot catch the pace of European and American recovery.

  According to the report, the Tokyo Olympics held in August, the Tokyo Olympic Games were not allowed to stimulate tourism, hotels and retail industries for implementation without audience measures. In addition, according to Japan’s "Sell News", it has been influenced by the new crown epidemic, and Japan’s personal consumption continues to be sluggish. The export situation is also worrying. Japan Tokyo and Osaka House are also affected by the epidemic, and the emergency state declaration has been released many times, leading to a dining, hotel and other service industries continue. Analysis said that economic data is far less than expected, the Government Government just launched is a major test. According to reports, in the face of 2022 newly researched elections, Japan’s first-phase Saiting, Tian Wenxiong was eager to make a decree, in addition to issuing subsidies to the public, but also said that they will continue to support SMEs.

  Boarda has previously stated that the epidemic subsidy equivalent to 100,000 yen (about RMB 5,500) is intended to a population of 18 and the age.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Zhang Lia).