Volunteer service blows "warm air" to put the people in the horses

Volunteer service blows "warm air" to put the people in the horses

Jiang Ling teaches everyone to do hand.

Longfan photo "Sunshine Cottage" is in fact the people weigh the "warm wind" in the community, there is a small house, volunteers are sitting, to solve the "瘩" of the community residents, the so-called sun cottage, the name of the name, let Warm and energy, full over the chest. Community resident Xiao Wang, I came to the sun hut for some time, I found volunteers to talk, "I am engaged in takeaway delivery, I feel that the current pressure is getting bigger and bigger, life is not meaningful." The volunteers have learned, timely He conducts psychological counseling and persuaded him to actively face life, can’t live because of the difficulties for a while, and you will give up.

  After chatting with the volunteers, Xiao Wang got a friend and became a friend with volunteers, and now he has also become a member of the volunteer. "The residents come from all directions, life pressure, our volunteers are the best intimate people in this group, Lara family often, pour the bitter water, let everyone live full of sunshine, this is the meaning of new era civilization practice The location.

"Li Yahong said, I hope to pass the sunshine hut, truly put the service to the practice, to do practical things for the masses. New era civilization practice work forward to actively and warm people to condense volunteer service, build a civilized practice stage, the development of the beautiful Sunshine Homeland Community The epitome of the new era of Shapingba District.

  As a demonstration area of ??Chongqing’s new era civilized practice, Shapingba District focuses on improving the new era civilization and practical volunteer service system, and there is a practical center, 22 practice, 160 practice stations in the region. Do not call the slogan, "a network" integrate resources.

  Integrate the "Shapingba Volunteer Service Guidance Center" and "Shapingba District New Times Civilization Practice Center" Give full play to the driving role of the public welfare organization such as the green wind, Yu Xiaoci, Ark rescue, and cultivate hatching more professional public welfare organizations and teams. Activate variables, joint departments link universities.

Integrate department resources, organize the "Theoretical Volunteers", literary volunteers, music , Civilized volunteers warm neighbors, poverty alleviation volunteers to help the 19th volunteer service brand activities.

  To make big increments, based on "longitudinal to the end", "horizontal to the side", integrate the convenience service station at the station square, integrate the tourist center in the business district, integrated community pension service center, farm book house, women and children activities center, etc. Setting up a civilized practice volunteer service site to achieve "a little more".

  Entertaining, "a road" grabbing feature inheritance, give full play to the advantages of sand magnetic culture, red rock spirit and cultural resources, creating a group of civilized practice projects voluntarily participating in the masses, and is happy to participate.

  Accurate docking, visiting the volunteers, the App mass order, set the way the people’s collection point, maximize the demand of the masses, coordinate the various departments as needed to accurate volunteer service.

  Grasping the normal state, formulating the pilot work plan for the new era of the construction of the construction of Shapingba District, " Change the integration of entertainment, service change items.

(Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).