Qin Liang said with a spoof。

“What a mess!Why are you making a boyfriend?!”
Yanzi’s depressed answer。
“Isn’t it about making a boyfriend??That’s good,Listen well!Speak。”
Qin Liang smirked,No more teasing……
“What i want to say is:I went to her so rashly,Isn’t it right??I don’t know if she wants to see me……Or she has forgotten me?”
Yanzi said with worry。“Absolutely not!From the moment she picked you back on the side of the road,She already has feelings for you!And she raised you for a while, didn’t she??I believe;If she is not a dragon soul warrior,She will never send you away later,She will always
Brought you up。”
Qin Liang said surely,Of course he knows who Yanzi is talking about。
“But why didn’t she come to see me again??Haven’t contacted me……She and I belong to the same department of the same special forces,Ordinarily, if she wants to see me,It’s easy to do。”
The swallow hesitated……
“Maybe it’s because you went out on a mission when she came,And when you came back, she happened to be out on a mission again……So it’s a mistake,You two never saw each other, right?。”Qin Liang tried his best to find reasonable excuses,But after he said this,He himself felt that this excuse was untenable……So many years have passed,It’s impossible to be this coincidence every time,When two people always return to the base,Just the other one is not there……
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“I’m very worried,On the one hand, I really want to see her,On the other hand, I was afraid to see her……”
Yanzi said sadly。
“Afraid to see her?why?”